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Customer's Comments About Susan's Jewelry

I love Susan's jewelry!  Her collection is always evolving and then I find new surprising treasures. On request, she created a necklace for me that is quite wonderful.

Mary Jo G.

Susan Ryza’s jewelry is beautiful, unique and very special.  I have been a customer for many years, and love the various styles and designs that she has created.  I always get compliments when I wear Susan’s earrings – my jewelry of choice!  And it’s affordable too!  What more can I want?

Ishara B.

Susan is a genius with jewelry and the only person that I let design and build the necklaces that I wear on a daily basis . I receive a huge amount of compliments from my peers and it is all down to her magic.

Shane P.

Susan's Classes

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Reviews of Susan's Classes

Susan is an outstanding instructor! She is very generous with her tim and talents. She also brings enormous variety in terms of types of projects. I am always in awe of Susan's ability to elevate each student's understanding at whatever level and project they are working on - in English or Spanish!

Andrea B.

Susan's class makes a huge difference in my life. I love working with my hands and I look forward to the class day. Susan is a terrific teacher!

Susan T.

Susan shows remarkable patience & knowledge, as well as generosity. Susan Ryza is a teacher who is a master of her craft. She presents projects that are interesting and diversified, with the appropriate materials readily available. She is patient and thorough and is aware of individual differences and modifies her lessons accordingly. She is outstanding!

Marilyn K.

Jewelry Repairs

Testimonials for Susan's Jewelry Repairs

I highly recommend Susan to repair any jewelry you have that needs fixing so you can wear it again.... Susan is personable & helpful. She also is reasonable in her pricing & completes your repair in a timely manner.

Kathleen D.

I've known Susan for several years, having met her in a class that she was teaching. Since then, I've been taking my own jewelry to her for repairs and having her design and make custom jewelry for me. I've brought her a variety of jewelry to repair and her work is always beautiful, impeccably skilled, done in a timely manner and prices are very reasonable. She can advise on various ways to repair and what the resulting look will be. Bringing in and picking up is easy and convenient.

Jory F.

Susan is terrific! She is very attentive, personable and her prices are very reasonable. Most important, she is very knowledgeable about jewelry making and repair. So happy to have found her. 40 years of accumulated jewelry needing repair are now getting new life.

Antonia D.

Parties & Private Classes

We offer jewelry-making parties & private classes at
Susan's home studio in Santa Monica or your location.

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