Fall, 2023, Emeritus Advanced Jewelry Class

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9728
Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm
Remote class on Zoom.

Click here for downloadable semester project list.


Week 1, 8/31/23, Craft Wire Project #470, Triangle Wire Components for Handmade Chain
Triangle Component Handmade Chain Necklace

Click here to download Triangle Wire Components handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 8/31/23 Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed
18-gauge wire
Clasp set (optional)
Pendant or bead dangle (optional)
Tools Needed
Triangle mandrel
Ultra-thin Sharpie
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Steel bench block
Chasing hammer

Week 2, 9/7/23, Memory Wire Project #17: Double Memory Wire Bracelet With Beaded Posts
Beaded Double Memory Wire Bracelet

Click here to download Beaded Posts Memory Wire Bracelet handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 9/7/23 Advanced jewelry class.

Materials Needed
3 coils of Memory Wire
3 yards of 20-gauge wire
2-4 head pins
Smallish beads with holes large enough to fit on 20-gauge
Tools Needed
Memory Wire cutters
Wire flush cutters
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers

Week 3, 9/14/23: Chain Maille Project #246, European 4-in-1 Slinky Wide Bracelet
Slinky European 4-in-1 Chain Maille Bracelet 

Click here to download Slinky European 4-in-1 Bracelet handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 9/14/23 Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed
400, 18-gauge, 3.5 Inner Diameter jump rings (Susan’s #20)
1 toggle clasp or lobster clasp
Tools Needed
2 pairs of chain-nose pliers

Week 4, 9/21/23, Chain Project #469, Draped Chain And Bead Necklace

Draped Chain and Bead Necklace

Click here to download Draped Chain & Bead Necklace handout.

Click here for UPDATED handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 9/21/23 Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed
Approx. 1 ft. of 18-gauge wire
Approx. 3 ft. of Thin Chain
(5) 8-12mm Beads (round beads work best)
Clasp set (optional)
2” of chain w/links large enough to fit clasp (optional)
Tools Needed
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
3mm/5mm Bailing pliers
Wire flush cutters

Week 5, 9/28/23: Metalwork Project #474, Two-Part Sheet Metal Earrings

2-Part Sheet Metal Earrings

Click here to download Two-Part Sheet Metal Earrings Handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 9/28/23 Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed
24-gauge sheet metal
1 pair earring wires
Small jump rings
Tools Needed
Metal shears
Metal hole punch
2 pairs chain-nose pliers
Ball peen hammer
Steel bench block
Chasing hammer
Ultra Fine Point Sharpie
Dapping (Doming) Block with punch
Alcohol (optional)

Week 6, 10/5/23, Craft Wire Project #128,  Making & Filling in Wire Component Earrings


 Photo coming soon.

Click here to download Filling in Wire Components Earrings handout. 

Materials Needed
Size 11 or size 8 seed beads, or other small beads
1 pair ear wires
2-3 yards of 26 Gauge Wire
1 foot of 18-gauge wire
2 large jump rings (optional)
Tools needed
Chain nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wooden mandrel set
Nylon Jaw pliers
Ultra Fine point Sharpie marker  (optional)

Week 7, 10/12/23, Crochet and Knitting Project #26, 3-5 Strand, Crocheted Chain Wire Necklace

Crocheted Wire Chain Necklace

Click here to download Crocheted Wire Necklace handout.
Materials Needed
9-15 yards of 28, 30, or 32-gauge craft wire
Asst. small & medium beads, including size 6 seed beads
2 cones or bullets
1 clasp set
12” of 24-gauge craft wire
Tools Needed
Crochet Hook –size F, G or H
Wire flush cutters
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Bead Stopper Clips
Large ruler

Week 8, 10/19/23, Macrame Project #472, Double Half Hitch Macrame Necklace with Cabochon

Macrame Necklace with Cabochon

Handout coming soon!

Materials Needed
Waxed Polyester cord, .7mm.
Oval stone, approx 1”x 1 ¼”
(4) 6mm beads with holes large enough for 2 strands of cord
(14) 4mm. beads with holes large enough for 2 strands of cord
Tools Needed
Macrame board
Needle with eye large enough to fit cord, but as thin as possible

Week 9, 10/26/23, Bead Weaving Project #473, Tatiana’s Halloween Loom-Woven Bracelet with Slide-On End Bars

Click here to download (NEWER! BETTER!) Halloween Loom Woven Bracelet handout.

Materials Needed
About 583 total Size 8 seed beads in colors as seen on graphed chart above
15 yds. of Superlon size D thread
(2) long ribbon ends
Super new glue or comparable (ex: Super Glue)
E6000 glue
2 small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s #14)
Tools Needed
Bead loom
#10 beading needle
2 pairs of Chain nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers

Week 10, 11/2/23, Chain Maille Project #65: Orbital Chain Bracelet

Orbital Chain Bracelet

Click here to download Orbital Chain handout.
Materials Needed:
6mm.OD  jump rings (Susan’s #1), 18-gauge, 8mm. OD jump rings(Susan’s #2), toggle clasp set
Tools Needed: 2 smooth-jawed, flat pliers (chain nose, bent nose or flat nose), awl or round nose pliers

Week 11, 11/9/23, Stretch Magic Project #216, Stretchy, Wavy, Multi-Strand Bracelet

Stretchy Wavy Seed Bead Bracelet

Click here to download Stretchy Wavy Bracelet handout.
Materials Needed
350 Size 6 Seed beads: 175 Color A & 175 Color B
(8) 5-strand metal spacers
80” of .7mm. Stretch Magic
G-S Hypo Cement
5” of 34-gauge wire to make needle
Tools Needed
4 or 5 Bead Stopper Clips
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutter

Week 12, 11/16/23Cord Project #?, Kumihimo to be announced (Still being planned)

Kumihimo Disk Set

Better photo & handout coming soon!

Materials Needed
Other stuff tbd
Tools Needed
Kumihimo disk
1 oz. weight
Large safety pin
Possibly other stuff tbd

Week 13, 11/23/23: NO CLASS/THANKSGIVING

Week 14, 11/30/23, Bead Weaving Project #31, Heirloom Lace & Memory Wire Bracelet

Heirloom Lace and Memory Wire Bracelet

Click here to download Heirloom Lace Bracelet handout.
Materials Needed
4 yards Superlon Thread, size D
Size 6 seed beads: 150 Color A for edge, 275 Color B for center lace area
3 complete coils of Memory Wire
4 Memory Wire end caps OR
4 head pin dangles (4 head pins & 4-8 small beads) OR
4 charm dangles (4 small charms & 4 small, heavy jump rings – Susan’s size 14)
Tools Needed
Project Mat
Chain-nose pliers
Scissors or wire flush cutter
Memory Wire Cutter
Size 10 beading needle
Regular needle w/eye big enough for 2 strands of thread 
Round-nose pliers
Super glue or other glue for non-porous surfaces (if using end caps)

Week 15, 12/7/23, Craft Wire Project # 471, Wire-Pronged Stone Bezel Pendant

Wire Pronged Stone Bezel

Click here to download Wire-Pronged Bezel Pendant handout.
Materials Needed
12” of 18-Gauge Wire
46” of 22-Gauge Wire
3” of Painter’s tape
Stone of your choice to wrap, about 1” wide & 1.5” tall
Tools Needed
Chain Nose Wire Pliers
Round Nose Wire Pliers
Wire Flush Cutters
Nylon-Jaw Pliers
3mm/5mm Bailing Pliers
Ultra-thin Black Sharpie Pen

Week 16, 12/14/23, Bead Weaving Project #185, Brick Stitch Hoop Earrings

Stretchy Wavy Seed Bead Bracelet

Click here to download Brick Stitch Earrings handout.
Materials Needed
1 pair of earring hoops, about 1 ¼” or 30mm. diameter
62 #8 seed beads: 30 Color A, 32 Color B
32 #11 seed beads
16 small, top-drilled teardrops
2 yds. Size D Fireline or Superlon
Tools Needed
Size 10 beading needle
Project mat

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