Emeritus Advanced Jewelry Class Projects, Tools, & Materials for Spring, 2021

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9730

Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm

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Week 1, 2/18/21, Bead Weaving Project #417, Huichol Flower Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace, or Pendant

Materials Needed: 4 colors of Size 8 seed beads, Size D beading thread: Superlon, Fireline or Power Pro, G-S Hypo Cement, approx.½” shank button

Tools Needed: Sharp scissors or wire flush cutter, #10 beading needle, Ruler

Link to Greek Key Zoom Class recording.

Handout for Greek Key Necklace.

Week 2, 2/25/21, Craft Wire Project #252, Greek Key Necklace with Hand-Made Chain
Materials Needed:
5 yards of 18-gauge or 16-gauge wire

Tools Needed: Chain-nose pliers, Round-nose pliers, Nylon-Jaw pliers, Wire flush cutters, Steel bench block, Rawhide or plastic mallet (for work-hardening wire), Chasing (flat-head) hammer (for flattening wire), Large Bailing pliers or 6-in-1 Looping Pliers


Week 3, 3/4/2, Cord Project #422, Kumihimo Flat Braid on Square Kumihimo Plate
Materials Needed:
Cord, ribbon ends, jump rings, clasp

Tools Needed: Square kumihimo plate, scissors, fishing weight, bobbins, large safety pin, 2 chain-nose pliers


Week 4, 3/11/21, Chain Maille Project #421, Byzantine Teardrop Pendant
Materials Needed:
Jump rings, bail, chain, large top-drilled teardrop, clasp

Tools Needed: 2 pairs of chain-nose pliers


Week 5, 3/18/21, No Class, Teacher Conferences


Week 6, 4/1/21, Craft Wire Project #53, Heavy Wire Bracelet with Beads
Materials Needed:
14- or 16-gauge wire, 24- or 26-gauge wire, assorted beads & charms

Tools Needed: Round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, wire flush cutters, heavy duty wire flush cutters, steel bench block, flat head hammer, various mandrels & bailing pliers

Chain and Bead Railroad Track Bracelet

Week 7, 4/8/21, Chain Project #187, Chain & Bead Railroad Track Bracelet
Materials Needed:
13 ½ ” of  Medium cable chain, 1 ½ yds. of  20-gauge wire, Toggle clasp set, Sets of same-size beads (for example): (36) beads 4mm. or less, (2) 6-7mm. beads, (36) 2-4mm. beads, plus (16) barrel beads, or other combination of beads that add up to 18mm.

Tools Needed: 2 prs. Chain-nose pliers, Round-nose pliers, Wire flush cutters


Week 8, 4/15/21, No Class, Spring Break


Week 9, 4/22/21, Cord Project #413, Leather and Hammered Wire Hoops Necklace

Materials Needed: Leather, Beads, 16- or 14-gauge wire, 24-gauge wire, button

Tools Needed: Chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, mandrels, wire flush cutters, heavy duty wire flush cutters, flat head hammer, steel bench block


Week 10, 4/29/21, Bead Weaving project #86, Two-Drop Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet with Scallop Border
Materials Needed: 625 size 6 seed beads, 2 colors: 325 Color A, dark & 300 Color B, light 150-200 Size 10 or 11 seed beads for edging, One ¾” button with shank, 8 yds. Fireline, Superlon or Nymo, Size D, Small piece of tape

Tools Needed: 2 size 10 Beading Needles, Scissors or wire flush cutters


Week 11, 5/6/21, Macrame Half Hitch Cleopatra Necklace
Materials Needed:
Waxed polyester cord, 8mm. beads with holes large enough to fit on cord

Tools Needed: Macrame board, pins, scissors, cigarette lighter


Week 12, 5/13/21, Metalwork Project #423, Hand-Cut, Hand-Formed Sheet Metal Earrings, with beads
Materials Needed:
24g sheet metal, 20-gauge wire, 16-gauge wire, head pins, beads, earring wires

Tools Needed: Metal shears, ruler, metal file, Metal hole puncher, Sharpie, Hammers, Steel bench block, wire flush cutter, large mandrel or bailing pliers, chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers


Week 13, 5/20/21, Bead Weaving Project #418, Multi-Layer Loom-Woven Bracelet
Materials Needed:
Seed beads, larger beads, leather or other cord, button, Size D thread

Tools Needed: Bead loom, scissors, #10 beading needle


Week 14, 5/27/21, Cord Project #415, Cord Bezel for Stone Pendants
Materials Needed:
Waxed polyester cord, large stone, hanging materials

Tools Needed: macrame board, pins, scissors, beading loom


Week 15, 6/3/21, Men’s Bracelet Set
424) Center Crimp Ending Multi-Strand Leather Bracelet

305)_Lashed leather & chain bracelet

380) Kumihimo bracelet with button closure

1) 8mm or larger round beads, dark gemstones on stretch magic

Materials Needed: Round leather cord, 18-gauge wire, tape, center crimp endings, clasp, chain, buttons, soutache cord, Stretch Magi, 8mm round beads, G-S Hypo Cement, Superlon size D thread

Tools Needed: Scissors, #10 beading needle, wire flush cutters, round kumihimo disc, fishing weight, large safety pin, clipboard, Bead Stopper Clip, Chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers


Week 16, 6/10/21, Miscellaneous Project #419: Bone Hairpipe Necklace
Materials Needed:
Bone hairpipes, cord, nylon-covered wire, beads, clasp, spacers, leather, crimp beads

Tools Needed: Scissors, crimping pliers, wire flush cutters, bead design board


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