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Winter, 2024 Emeritus Jewelry Class

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9516
Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm on Zoom

Click here for downloadable semester project list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The schedule below has been updated on 1/19/24. The order of the projects listed are more accurate than the printed semester project list linked above

Week 1, 1/4/24, Cord Project #169, 2-Layer Button Necklace


Click here to download Button Necklace Instructional Handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 1/4/24 Jewelry class.

Materials Needed
100 to 125 (2- or 4-hole) buttons of the same diameter, OR batches of buttons of graduating sizes: Minimum 5mm. diameter, maximum 10mm. diameter.
2 yds. of Superlon TEX 210 cord
nail polish (optional)
G-S Hypo-Cement or other glue
Tools Needed

Week 2, 1/11/24, Chain Projects #108 & 43,  Cleopatra Necklace on chain, 2 ways


Click here to download Cleopatra Necklace Instructional Handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 1/11/24 Jewelry class.

Materials Needed: 2.8mm cable chain,  4.6mm cable chain, 5mm circles chain, small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s #14), Lobster clasp, head pins,  6mm. round or faceted beads – 2 colors/types, 4-6mm. round, faceted or bicone beads

Tools Needed: Wire side cutters, 2 pairs of Chain Nose pliers, Round nose pliers, Heavy wire cutters, Chain-sta

Week 3, 1/18/24, Bead Weaving Project #75, 4-Color Tubular Peyote Stitch Necklace or Bracelet


Click here to download 4-Color Tubular Peyote Handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 1/18/24 Jewelry Class.

Materials Needed
4 colors (A, B, C, & D) of  size 6 seed beads, plus one bead of a different color (you will need approx. 12 beads of each color per inch of peyote tube.)
Fireline, Nymo, or Superlon Thread, size D (You will need about 1 ½ ft. per inch of peyote tube.)
G-S Hypo Cement
Clasp set (optional)
Tools Needed
2 #10 Beading Needles
1/8” Dowel to fit inside tube (a thin chopstick works)
Chain nose pliers
Fleece work mat

Week 4, 1/25/24, NO CLASS, Susan absent!

Week 5, 2/1/24, Macrame Project #475, X’s & O’s Macrame Bracelet

Link to Macrame Bracelet handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 2/1/24 Jewelry class.

Materials Needed
9 yds. total of .7mm. Waxed Polyester cord or TEX 400 Superlon cord: All one color or 2 yards each of 3 different colors and 3 yards of  a 4th color
(10-15) 5 or 6mm beads with holes large enough for 2 strands of cord
(1) ½” – 1” Button with shank

Tools Needed
Macrame board
(5) T-pins
Cigarette lighter

Week 6, 2/8/24, Chain Maille Project #477, Byzantine Necklace or bracelet with beads

Link to Byzantine Necklace handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 2/8/24 Jewelry class.

Materials Needed (calculate quantities according to length of project)
Approx. 1 bead per inch
17 jump rings per inch: 18-gauge, 3.5-4.2mm. inner diameter (Susan’s #36 jumprings)
2” of 20-gauge wire per bead
Lobster Clasp set
6-12 extra rings to make piece adjustable
Head pin (optional)
4mm bead (optional)
Tools Needed
2 pairs of chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters


Craft Wire Project #478, Wig Jig Earrings


Click here to buy the Wig Jig on Amazon.

Materials Needed
Earrings wires

20-gauge wire
22-gauge wire
24-gauge wire
Head pins
Tools Needed
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Wig Jig Set (see links above)

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