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Spring, 2022, Emeritus Needlecraft Class

 Needlecraft II, HME EC E71, Section 9787
Class Curriculum (Syllabus) & Materials Info.

 Click here for UPDATED, downloadable class project list.

Week 1, 2/16/22, Knitting

Beginner: Cast on, knit stitch, start scarf
Advanced: Ending off sock toes

Tools & materials: Size 8, 9 or 10 knitting needles, 2 skeins worsted weight yarn
Link to recording of 2/16/22 Zoom class.

Week 2, 2/23/22, Knitting
Beginner: purl stitch, pattern sampler scarf
Advanced: Feather & Fan pattern

Tools & materials: Size 8, 9 or 10 knitting needles, 2 skeins worsted weight yarn
Link to recording of 2/23/22 Zoom class.

Week 3, 3/2/22, Knitting in the Round: Judy’s striped (or solid) hat,
Circular knitting techniques – double pointed needles, knitting with two circular needles, Magic Loop, Traveling Loop
Tools & materials:
size 8, 9 or 10, 16” circular needle,
4 or 5 size 8, 9 or 10 double-pointed needles
TWO Size 8, 9 or 10, 32” or longer circular needles
Link to recording of 3/2/22 Zoom class.

Week 4, 3/9/22, Knitting in the Round, continued
Also: Kitchener stitch revisited

Link to recording of 3/9/22 Zoom class.

Week 5, 3/16/22, More knitting. Tulip pattern square.
Link to recording of 3/16/22 Zoom class.

Week 6, 3/23/22,Quilling (With guest instructor: Linda Zarou)
Link to recording of 3/23/22 Zoom class.

Week 7, 3/30/22 , Crochet
Beginner: Basic stitches, Single Crochet Purse, Mixed Stitches Scarf
Advanced: fpdc & bpdc (front post double crochet & back post double crochet) - plain ribbing and twill square pattern

Tools & Materials:
For Purse: Worsted weight yarn, H, I or J crochet hook, 1” button
For Scarf: 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn, H, I or J crochet hook
Advanced: any yarn and hook that work together
Link to recording of 3/30/22 Zoom class.

Week 8, 4/6/22, Crochet - Beginner: More Basic stitches
Advanced: Crochet borders
Tools & Materials: Worsted weight yarn, size G, H, or I crochet hook
Link to recording of 4/6/22 Zoom class.

4/13/22 No Class, Spring Break

Week 9, 4/20/22, Crochet
Crocheted Wallhanging from HookedOnHomeMadeHappiness blog
Tools & Materials: Extra thick yarn, Size Q crochet hook or size to go with yarn, 15-16” stick
Link to recording of 4/20/22 Zoom class.

Week 10, 4/27/22, Crochet: Flowers & leaves
Tools & Materials: worsted weight yarn, size G, H or I crochet hook

Link to recording of 4/27/22 Zoom class

Week 11, 5/4/22, Reverse applique with jersey, various stitches
Tools & Materials: 2 t-shirts, scissors, embroidery thread, embroidery needle
Link to recording of 5/4/22 Zoom class.

Week 12, 5/11/22, Beading on a T-Shirt

Tools & Materials: T-shirt, small beads, beading thread, beading needle, scissors
Link to recording of 5/11/22 Zoom class.

Week 13, 5/18/22, Mixed Knots Macrame Bracelet

Tools & Materials: Waxed polyester cord, beads, shank button, macrame board or clipboard, T-pins, ruler, scissors
Link to recording of 5/18/22 Zoom class.

Week 14, 5/25/22, Macrame Wallhanging Techniques
Tools & Materials Needed: Dowel, cord, clipboard

Week 15, 6/1/22, Kumihimo
Tools & Materials: Kumihimo disk, weight, large safety pin, cord

Link to recording of 6/1/22 Zoom class.

Week 16, 6/8/22, Loom or Spool Knitting

 Tools & Materials: Loom knitter, worsted weight yarn, spool knitter

 Link to recording of 6/8/22 Zoom class.


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