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Emeritus Jewelry Class Projects, Tools & Materials for Summer, 2020

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Week 1, 6/25/20, Bead Weaving Project #62, Beaded Leaf Necklace

Tools Needed:
Size 10 Beading Needle
Knotting tweezers
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers

Week 2, 7/2/20, Craft Wire Projects #301 & #289, Hammered Wire Rings with Swarovski Crystal Ovals


Materials Needed:
18-gauge or 16-gauge wire
24-gauge wire
Flat, oval bead, 8mm-12mm long, such as Swarovski crystal mini oval beads #5051
Tools Needed:
Heavy duty wire flush cutters
Nylon jaw pliers
Ring mandrel
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Chasing hammer (flat head)
Ball peen hammer for texture
Steel bench block or anvil
Metal file or nail file

Week 3, 7/9/20, Macrame Project #375, Alternating Multi-Strand Bracelet w/Sliding Closure & Optional Braiding
Macrame Bracelet   Macrame Bracelet
Materials Needed:
6 yds. of Cord
6-15 Large-hole beads
4” of Tape
G-S Hypo Cement
Tools Needed:
Sharp scissors
Cigarette lighter or thread burner
Fireproof surface

Week 4, 7/16/20, Craft Wire Project #220, Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant
Materials Needed:
56” of 22-gauge wire
48” of 20-gauge wire
2 or 3 spoonfuls of chip beads
Chain or leather cord to hang pendant

Tools Needed:
Round-nose pliers
Wire Flush Cutters

Nylon-jaw pliers
5mm Bailing pliers
Spring Clamp or C-clamp
Wire Twister
Chain-nose pliers
Pill bottle or other item to wrap wire around, with about a 2” diameter

Week 5, 7/23/20, Knit & Crochet Project #208, Fishing Line Spool-Knit Necklace with Seed Beads
Spool Knit Necklace
Materials Needed for 20” necklace:
15 yards of 15- or 20-pound monofilament fishing line or Illusion Cord
480 #6 seed beads: 120 each of 4 colors
12” of 24-gauge wire
Clasp set
2 cones or barrel ends
Tools Needed:
Clover Brand Wonder Knitter Spool knitter
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Wire flush cutter
1 lb. Fishing weight
Bead Stopper clip

Week 6, 7/30/20, Chain Maille Project #129, Japanese 8-in-4 Chain Maille Bracelet, with Rubber O-Rings
Japanese Chain Maille Bracelet    Japanese O-Ring Chain Maille Bracelet
Materials Needed for 7 ½” Bracelet:
156 -18-gauge, 5-5.50mm. (inner diameter) metal jump rings (Susan’s #7, 23 or 40)
90 -10mm.(outer diameter) Rubber  or Silicone O-rings
Toggle Clasp 
Tools Needed:
2 chain-nose pliers