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Saturday Morning Zoom Jewelry Classes - Tools & Materials Lists

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Week 1: Saturday, 11/7/20
Bead Stringing 3 Ways
Beading wire (Nylon-Covered wire) & crimp beads, Stretch Magic, & Memory Wire.

Bead stringing

Nylon-Covered Wire Project #3: Single-Strand, Nylon-Covered Wire Necklace w/Crimp Beads OR Face Mask Holder
Materials Needed:
.018” Beadalon nylon-covered wire (length of necklace, plus 12 extra inches)
Asst. beads, including 8 small beads w/lg. holes, for the ends of the necklace
(2) 2mm.x 2mm. crimp tubes
Clasp set
Tools Needed:
Medium (a.k.a. Standard) Crimping pliers
Wire flush cutters
Bead Stopper Clip
Bead design board

Memory Wire Project #2: 3-Coil Memory Wire Bracelet

Materials Needed:
3 ½ coils bracelet-size memory wire
About 21" of asst. beads
Notes about beads: Don’t use long, tubular or oval beads because they won’t go around the curve of the wire. Also, avoid too many heavy beads.
Tools Needed:
Memory wire cutter
Round-nose pliers
Important: Do not use your regular cutters on Memory Wire!

Stretch Magic Bracelet

Stretch Magic Projects #1 & #367, Single-Strand Stretch Magic Bracelet with 4 Different Endings
Materials Needed:

14” of .7mm. Stretch Magic elastic cord
7-8" of Asst. beads
G-S Hypo Cement
4mm. crimp cover
Hanging bail
Large-hole bead
Small, heavy jump ring (Susan’s #14)
Bead caps (optional)
Tools Needed:
Bead Stopper Clip
2 Pairs of Chain-nose pliers

Week 2: Saturday, 11/14/20
Bohemian Wrap BraceletBohemian Wrap Bracelet

Bohemian Wrap Bracelet
(Bead Weaving Projects #67 & #264)

Learn to make an eclectic, multi-colored, Bohemian wrap bracelet on a Bead Loom or clip board.

Materials Needed:
1mm. 1.5mm. or 2mm. cord (such as leather or cotton)
      Single Wrap: 40”
      Double Wrap: 56”
      Triple Wrap: 70”
      Quadruple Wrap: 80”
Size D Thread: Fireline, Superlon or Power Pro
      Single Wrap: 2 yds.
      Double Wrap: 4 yds.
      Triple Wrap: 6 yds.
      Quadruple Wrap: 8 yds.
½” or ¾” Button with shank or 2 holes
10” scrap of string or cotton cord
Beads: Choose 1 type of bead that is 4mm. to 6mm. wide
OR Asst. beads with widths that singly or side-by-side equal the same width, up to about 6mm. wide. All beads must have holes large enough to fit 2 strands of thread.
      Single Wrap: 7” of beads
      Double Wrap: 14” of beads
      Triple Wrap: 21” of beads
      Quadruple Wrap: 28” of beads
G-S Hypo Cement
Tools Needed:
Bead Loom or Clipboard
Chain-nose pliers
Size 10 Beading Needle
Ruler or measuring tape

Week 3: Saturday, 11/21/20
Macrame Leaf Necklace

Macrame Leaf Necklace
(Macrame Project #405)
A completely different kind of macrame from what I've taught before! Learn the popular & versatile double half-hitch knot and open up a whole new world of detailed & elegant macrame possibilities.

Materials Needed for Necklace with 3 Leaves:
18 yds. of .5mm. to 1mm. cord: waxed polyester (best), Superlon 400, or Chinese Knotting Cord (such as Knot-It from Beadsmith)
NOTE 1: Cotton or silk cord won’t work. It must be synthetic so it will melt.
NOTE 2: You can use all one color, or change colors for each leaf.
4 Beads with holes big enough to fit two strands of cord
Clasp set OR lobster clasp & 1-2” of chain w/links large enough to fit lobster clasp
2 Foldover Crimps
2 small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s # 14)
Tools Needed
Macrame Board or other pinnable board
2 pairs of Chain-nose pliers
T-Pins or other long pins
Cigarette lighter
Fire resistant surface
Sharp Scissors

Week 4: Saturday 11/28/20
Handmade Cotter Pin Chain
Hand-Made Cotter Pin Chain with a hand-made clasp!
(Craft Wire Project #403)
This is a really easy and fun way to make your own chain for necklaces, earrings or bracelets.
Materials Needed for an 18" necklace:
3 yds. of 18-gauge wire
Tools Needed:
9mm. bailing pliers or any 9mm mandrel
3mm. bailing pliers or any 3mm.mandrel
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Nylon-Jaw pliers
Week 5: Saturday, 12/5/20
Netted Seed Bead Necklace
Netted Seed Bead Necklace
(Bead Weaving Project #390)
Explore a world of color combinations while making this beautiful & elegant seed bead charmer!
Materials Needed:

30” of .015” Nylon-Covered wire (aka. beading wire)
3 yards of Superlon, Power Pro or Fireline thread, size D
(45) 4mm. round or bicone beads
(34) 6mm. round or bicone beads
50 #6 Seed Beads
600 #8 Seed Beads
(2) 2mm. crimp tubes
(2) 4mm. crimp covers
1 lobster clasp
2 Wire Guardians
2” of chain w/links lg. enough to fit lobster clasp
1 head pin
Tools Needed:
#10 beading needle
2 Bead Stopper Clips
Standard crimping pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters


Week 6: Saturday, 12/12/20
wire-wrapped stones, pendants, gemstones
Wire-Wrapped Stones
Learn this classic method of wire-wrapping stones with or without drilled holes. Make a beautiful pendant with a memorable gemstone.

Materials Needed
48” of 20-gauge wire
15” of 22-gauge wire
12” of 1-inch-wide 3-M masking tape for concrete #2060 or painter’s tape
A large, fairly flat, oval stone
Tools Needed
Wire flush cutters
Flat-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Nylon-jaw pliers
3mm/5mm bailing pliers
Fleece project mat
Fine-tip Sharpie
Pointy, thin, sharp knife or awl
Size B crochet hook

Week 7: Saturday, 12/19/20
woven wire bracelet, crystals
Woven Wire Bracelet
(Craft Wire Project #311)
Learn a really fun wire-weaving technique and experiment with many ways to include beads in your designs.

Materials Needed
24” of 18-gauge wire
3-5 yds. of  24-gauge wire (or 26-gauge)
Asst. small beads (optional)
Tools Needed
Wire flush cutters
Flat-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Nylon-jaw pliers
Wooden ring clamp or Spring clamp
7mm/9mm bailing pliers or any 7mm mandrel
3mm/5mm bailing pliers


Some Previews:

Chain Maille Project #129, Japanese 8-in-4 Chain Maille Bracelet, with Rubber O-Rings
Japanese Chain Maille Bracelet    Japanese O-Ring Chain Maille Bracelet
Materials Needed for 7 ½” Bracelet:
156 -18-gauge, 5-5.50mm. (inner diameter) metal jump rings (Susan’s #7, 23 or 40)
90 -10mm.(outer diameter) Rubber  or Silicone O-rings
Toggle Clasp 
Tools Needed:
2 chain-nose pliers

Craft Wire Project #220, Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant
Materials Needed:
56” of 22-gauge wire
48” of 20-gauge wire
2 or 3 spoonfuls of chip beads
Chain or leather cord to hang pendant

Tools Needed:
Round-nose pliers
Wire Flush Cutters

Nylon-jaw pliers
5mm Bailing pliers
Spring Clamp or C-clamp
Wire Twister
Chain-nose pliers
Pill bottle or other item to wrap wire around, with about a 2” diameter


  • Multi-Strand, Crocheted Wire or Cord Necklace with Cones: Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/9/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Regular price $ 20.00
  • Japanese 8-in-4 Chain Maille Bracelet, with Rubber O-Rings: Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/16/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Japanese 8-in-4 Chain Maille Bracelet, with Rubber O-Rings: Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/16/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Regular price $ 20.00
  • Viking Knit Bangle Bracelet with Beads & Handmade Clasp: Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/23/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Viking Knit Bangle Bracelet with Beads & Handmade Clasp: Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/23/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Regular price $ 20.00
  • Tree of Life Pendant: Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/30/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Tree of Life Pendant:  Zoom Class, Handout & Recording, Saturday, 1/30/21, 11am-12:30pm.
    Regular price $ 20.00

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