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Student Reviews of Susan's Classes

What Susan's students have been saying about her Santa Monica College Emeritus Classes:

Fiber Arts Class:
“I am always in awe of Susan’s ability to elevate each student’s understanding at whatever level and project they are working on, and – in English or Spanish."
“Susan is very generous with her time & talents.”
-Andrea B

Jewelry Classes:
Q: (on class evaluation form) What was most valuable for you in this course?

A: "Susan Ryza!" -Mary M.

A: “The expertise that the instructor brings to the class, as well as her advice on understanding methodology.” -Pam F.

A: "I love all the different jewelry designs (Susan) teach(es) the class."
-Denise O.

A: "(The class) gave me the confidence to try new things and be creative." -Anonymous

A: "The teacher explained well and had very good handouts." -Anonymous

A: "…if I needed help, it was gladly given." - Celia K.

A: " Susan is a very patient and competent instructor. I have a new skill which is very enjoyable." -Anonymous

A: " It was exciting learning new lessons every week." -Barbara H.

More Comments:

"Susan is an outstanding instructor! She also brings enormous variety in terms of types of projects."
-Andrea B.

"I have not seen any class like this anywhere else." -Anonymous

"I love this class because it brings out my creativity." -Francine L.

" Susan Ryza is great! Thank you!" -Elizabeth N.


"This class makes a huge difference in my life. I love working with my hands and I look forward to (the class day). Susan is a terrific teacher."
-Susan T.

"Everything (in the course) was good. Thank you, Santa Monica. Thank you for providing Susan Ryza as a good teacher."
-Kay D.

"Thank you, Susan, your classes are so much more than I ever expect! I've really 
enjoyed them all. As I'm working on the projects, I think about the possibilities 
because you've given us the foundation to build upon. And, I find it all so
completely relaxing. Your classes have come at a good time for me. It has been
so de-stressing for me. Thank you so very much."

-Nadine N.

"I have taken classes from Susan for four years now, and have learned so much from her. The day of her class is the best day of the week for me. She is always coming up with new designs and techniques so that we are constantly learning new things."
-Barbara J.

"I enjoy the different & unique jewelry creations Susan provides."
-Denise Orlando

"Susan shows remarkable patience & knowledge, as well as generosity. Susan Ryza is a teacher who is a master of her craft. She presents projects that are interesting and diversified, with the appropriate materials readily available. She is patient and thorough and is aware of individual differences and modifies her lessons accordingly. She is outstanding. "
-Marilyn Korade

Q: (on class evaluation form) What was most valuable for you in this course?
A: "Susan's excellent verbal & written instructions."


"Susan was very precise."

"Susan is very helpful. I appreciate Susan's patience."
-Ruth Olay

"Susan is fantastic. I have learned so very much, and had fun doing these projects."
-Barbara Herred

"I'm glad to see you getting things going again at your home studio. I've missed you and your methods."
-Kim C.

"I could get lost reading all that you are able to offer on your website."
-Monica H.

"And Susan - how could we have done any of our sales without there being first Susan, who teaches us with understanding and patience and has endless knowledge about jewelry making?"
-Rosemary L.

"I have taken many different jewelry making classes from Susan Ryza and she has really helped me develop a lot of different styles and techniques. Susan is very easy to learn from, and very helpful to all the individuals in her classes. I have really enjoyed taking lessons from her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in classes."
-Judi F.

"Susan Ryza is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge of jewelry making is vast. Any phase from important basic techniques to complicated advanced projects are within her scope. Give her a project you want to do and she will research it, practice it, and teach it par excellence. Add patience and a giving spirit to the mix and you have one wonderful teacher."
-Susan T.

Susan, (I) "told the ladies about our lovely jewelry classes and a few wanted to join so I am forwarding this email to them and I told (them) to get on your email list because you were awesome and can make everything."
-Kim C.

"I found the class at Santa Monica College very helpful and loved the format of learning several things a session. Thanks again for your excellent presentations, organization and sheets. Several people commented on how your visual explanations & teaching style made it much easier to learn. "
-Judy F.


What Susan's students have been saying about the SMC Continuing Ed. Bead & Jewelry Basics Class:

"Good instruction. Very helpful. Really enjoyed class! Looking forward to taking more."

"This was fun & helpful! I can't wait to take more."

"Good combination of demonstration & opportunity to practice. I especially appreciate the tips about tools & materials."

"Great class!"

"I liked that you covered a wide range of jewelry techniques."

"I loved the class and would take it again & tell others. Thank you!"

"Class was very informative & taught concisely. I'd like to take other classes."

Q: (on class evaluation form) What are the things you liked a lot about the class (if anything)?
A: "(Susan's) patience & knowledge. I'd like to take additional classes from you. Thank you."

A: "Careful demonstrations....Encouraging comments....Hope our paths cross again!"

"The handouts are very helpful! It was a fun class - very relaxing & no pressure for a newbie to jewelry making like me."

"I really enjoyed it. Thanks!"

"Great class!"

"Susan gave a great presentation each time and repeated functions so we would get the idea."

"It was a great overview of how to make different types of jewelry."

"My loops have improved immensely! Those have always been a challenge for me! ...The variety of techniques covered was more than I expected! ...I do feel more knowledgeable about wire types, etc. The handouts are MUCH appreciated! ...I REALLY enjoyed your class! Thank you!"

Q: Did you learn what you had hoped to learn in this class?
A: "Yes, and more! ...I liked the style of explanation & demonstration.... Fun! I didn't know I could do this. Thanks!"

"(The) handouts are a huge help when I'm at home. In class, tutorials were clear & easy to understand."

"You inspired me to tackle projects. Thank you!"


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