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Spring, 2023, Emeritus Advanced Jewelry Class

 Class Title: ART E80, Section 9731
Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm

Class Zoom link will be sent after you register.

Click here for downloadable semester project list.

Week 1, 2/16/23, NO CLASS: SUSAN ABSENT


Week 2, 2/23/23, Craft Wire Project #112: Alexander Calder-Inspired Wire-Wrapped Stone Pendant Necklace

Calder Inspired Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

Materials Needed: 20-gauge or 18-gauge wire, 24-gauge wire, Large stone or piece of pottery, chain or leather to hang pendant, Clasp, Jump rings to attach clasp, Head pins, Top-drilled beads, 26-gauge wire, Misc. small beads

Tools Needed: Round-nose pliers, Chain-nose pliers, Wire side cutters, Nylon-Jaw pliers, Bailing pliers

Week 3, 3/2/23, Bead Weaving Project #101, Spiral Rope Chain
Spiral Rope Chain Necklace

Materials Needed:
Size 6 seed beads, two colors
Size D beading thread, Superlon or Fireline
Clasp set
Tools Needed:
Size 10 Beading Needle
Fleece work mat

Week 4, 3/9/23, Chain Maille Project #366, Sweet Pea Chain Maille Bracelet

Sweet Pea Chain Maille Bracelet

Materials Needed for 7.5” bracelet:
1 toggle clasp set
About 120, 16-gauge, 5mm inner diameter jump rings (Susan’s size 30)
(About 16 rings per inch)
Tools Needed:
2 pairs of smooth-jawed pliers (chain nose, flat nose or bent nose)
Fleece project mat


Week 6, 3/23/23, Ribbon Project #120, How to Use Ribbon to String Together Washers or Rings

Ribbon and washer necklace

 Link to Ribbon & Washer Necklace handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 3/23/23 Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed for 18” necklace with 18” of  extra ribbon on each side for tying & hanging:
41 metal washers, 5/8” wide with ¼” hole or other rings
84” of gros-grain, satin or any other kind of ribbon – ¼” to ½” wide (see Notes)
5” of 24-gauge wire
Tools Needed:
Wire cutter
Small pin or needle

Week 7, 3/30/23, Craft Wire Project #338: Beaded, Wavy Wire Bracelet

Wavy Wire BraceletWavy Wire Bracelet

Materials Needed:
1 yard 18- or 16-gauge wire
1 ½ yards 24-gauge wire
Asst. small beads
Tools Needed:
Heavy wire flush cutters
Regular wire flush cutters
2 chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wood dowels or other round mandrels
Large bailing pliers
Nylon-jaw pliers

Week 8, 4/6/23, Bead Weaving Project #36, 2-Needle Right Angle Weave

Right Angle Weave BraceletRight Angle Weave Bracelet
Link to Zoom recording of 4/6/23 Advanced Jewelry class.      

Materials Needed:
2-3 strands of 6mm. or 8mm. round beads with holes
large enough for 2 strands of thread
6 yards of Superlon or Fireline, size D
G-S Hypo Cement, or other glue
About 50 size 11 seed beads in a coordinating color
(for loop part of clasp)
(2) additional 4-6mm. beads (round or bicone), or size 6 seed beads, in a coordinating color (for loop part of clasp)
Tools Needed:
Project mat
2 #10 beading needles
(2) ½” buttons OR (2) 6-8mm round beads in a coordinating color (for clasp)



Week 9, 4/20/23, Chain Maille Project #323: Byzantine Diamonds & Squares Bracelet & Earrings

Byzantine Diamonds and Squares

Materials Needed:
3.5mm ID, 18 gauge jump rings (Susan’s #36)
6.5mm ID, 18 gauge jump rings (Susan’s #2)
1 pair Earring wires, Head pins OR 26-gauge wire
Beads or teardrops
Clasp set
Tools Needed:
2 pairs of chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Fleece project mat

Week 10, 4/27/23, Bead Weaving Project #234, Pierced, Beaded Brooch

Beaded BroochBeaded Brooch

Materials Needed:
Perforated Disc
Disc backing with pin
Asst. small beads: seed beads, pearls, etc.
Tiny seed beads (#11)
2 yards of Fireline, size D
Tools Needed:
Chain-nose pliers
Size 10 beading needle
Wire flush cutters


Week 11, 5/4/23, Nylon Covered Wire Project #42, Multi-Strand NCW Necklace with Matching Strands & Cones

Multi Strand Beaded Necklace with Cones Multi Strand Beaded Necklace with cones

 Link to Multi Strand Beaded Necklace with Cones handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 5/4/23 Advanced Jewelry Class.

Materials Needed:
.014” or .015” nylon-covered wire (beading wire)
2mm x 2mm crimp beads
Pair of cones or bullets
Clasp set
Seed beads and other small beads
12" of 24-gauge wire
Tools Needed:
Wire flush cutters
Medium crimping pliers
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
2-4 Bead Stopper Clips

Week 12, 5/11/23, Cord Project #463, Double Coin Knot Bracelet

 Double Coin Knot Bracelets

Link to Double Coin Knot Bracelet handout.

Link to 5/11/23 Zoom recording of Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed:

2 yds. of Chinese Knotting Cord or 1.5mm Leather cord
GS-Hypo Cement
1/2"-1" shank button
Beads with holes large enough to fit your cord (optional)
Tools Needed:
Macrame board or clipboard
Cigarette lighter

Week 13, 5/18/23: NO CLASS/SUSAN ABSENT


Week 14, 5/25/23, Bead Weaving Project #174, Brick Stitch Comet Earrings
Purple Brick Stitch Comet Earrings

Link to Brick Stitch Comet Earrings Handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 5/25/23 Advanced Jewelry class.

Materials Needed

80” size D beading thread, such as Fireline or Superlon
14  -#8 seed beads (plus more for dangles)
60 -#11 seed beads (plus more for dangles)
12” of asst. small beads, such as 4mm. bicones &  4mm. round, & including extra #8 & #11 seed beads
1 pr. Earring wires
Tools Needed
#10 beading needle 


Week 15, 6/1/23, Macrame Project #462, Palm Leaf Earrings

Link to Zoom recording of Palm Leaf Earrings class.

Materials Needed:
Waxed Polyester Cord or Superlon Tex 400 Cord
Earring Wires
2 small jump rings
Tools Needed:
Macrame board or clipboard
T-pins (with macrame board)
Cigarette Lighter

Week 16, 6/8/23, Chain Project #460, Chain or Beaded Necklace with Teardrop-Filled Chain Center
Chain and Bead Necklace with Teardrop Center
Materials Needed:

7 Small, top-drilled teardrops
1 ½ yds of 26-gauge wire
5” of Thin cable chain
1 card Griffin bead cord in a size that fits perfectly inside your beads
About 12” of Small beads
4 small Clamshell or Open Cup bead tips
G-S Hypo Cement
2” extender chain w/links large enough to insert clasp into
Tools Needed
Wire flush cutters
Heavy duty flush cutters for chain
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Knotting tweezers

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