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Summer, 2021, Emeritus Jewelry Class Projects, Tools, & Materials

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9513

Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm

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with pictures.

Alternating Cords Bracelets

Link to recording of Flat Bead or Button Alternating Cord Zoom class.
Handout for Cord Project #429.
Week 1, 6/24/21, Cord Project #429, Flat Bead or Button Alternating Cord & Knots Technique
Materials Needed:
Flat beads or flat buttons
Leather or other cord
Clasp set
Tools Needed:
Knotting tweezers

Bead Loomed Name Bracelet
Link to Instructional Handout for Bead Loomed Letter Bracelet
(including Letter Chart & Graph Paper).

Week 2, 7/1/21, Bead Weaving Project #428, Bead Loomed Letter Bracelet with Woven Selvedge & Ribbon Ends
Materials Needed:

(2)5/8” ribbon ends
Graph paper
Super new glue or comparable
E6000 glue
2 small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s #14)
Clasp set
12 yds. of Superlon size D thread
About 450 total Size 8 seed beads in 2 or more colors
Tools Needed:
Bead loom
#10 beading needle
2 pairs of Chain-nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers

Flat Kumihimo Braid Bracelet  Flat Kumihimo Braid Bracelet

Link to Flat Kumihimo Braid Zoom class.
Link to Handout for Flat Kumihimo Braid Bracelet.
Week 3, 7/8/21,
Cord Project #422, Kumihimo Flat Braid on Square Kumihimo Plate
Materials Needed:

8-13 yards of .7mm (thin) to 2mm (thick) Cord:
       Tex 400, waxed polyester, waxed cotton, Chinese knotting cord
Clasp set
2 Ribbon ends to match width of finished braid
¾” shank or flat button, with shank or holes large enough for 5 strands of cord
4-8 small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s #14)
E6000 glue (or other glue that adheres to metal)
A few inches of clear tape
Tools Needed:
Square Kumihimo plate
1 or 2 oz fishing weight
Large safety pin
Nylon-Jaw pliers
2 pairs of chain nose pliers

Byzantine Chain Maille Bib Necklace

Week 4, 1/15/21, Chain Maille Project #430, Byzantine Chain Maille Bib Necklace
Materials Needed:
(300-400) 18-gauge jump rings with 3.5mm. inner diameter (Susan’ #36)
(24”) of 1.5mm or 2mm round leather cord
2 Foldover crimps
2-4 small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s #14)
Clasp set
If adding beads:
7-15 head pins
7-17 approx. 6mm. beads
Tools Needed:
2 Bead Stopper Clips
Awl (can be hand-made from 18-gauge wire)
2 pairs of smooth-jawed pliers (chain-nose, flat-nose or bent-nose)
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters


Filigree Hand Made Chain Filigree Hand Made Chain

Week 5, 7/22/21, Craft Wire Project #78, Filigree Handmade Chain #1 & #2
Materials Needed:

2 yds. of 20-gauge wire for chain components
3 yds of 22- or 24-gauge wire for wire-wrapped bead connectors
Asst. beads OR about 60 small, heavy jump rings
Clasp set (optional)
3 yards 18-gauge wire for bracelet components & jump rings
18” of 20-gauge wire for clasp
Tools Needed:
Wire flush cutters
Round-nose pliers
2 pairs of Chain-nose pliers
5mm. bailing pliers or other 5mm. mandrel
3mm. bailing pliers or other 3mm. mandrel
Nylon-Jaw pliers
Steel bench block
Chasing hammer

Metalwork Bracelet

Link to Metalwork Bracelet Handout.

Link to Metalwork Bracelet Zoom Class.

Week 6, 7/28/21, Metalwork Project #420, Metal Pieces Connected with jump rings to make bracelet
Materials Needed:

24-gauge sheet metal or metal blanks
Jump rings
18-gauge wire
16-gauge wire
Toggle or other Clasp set
Optional: acrylic paint, clear nail polish
Tools Needed:
Metal shears
Metal hole puncher
Steel bench block
Wire flush cutter
Heavy duty wire flush cutter
Mandrels or bailing pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Dapping (doming) block


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