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Fall, 2021, Emeritus Advanced Jewelry Class

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9729

Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm

Click here for downloadable semester project list.

Half Tila Bead & Seed Bead Diamond Necklace

Week 1, 9/2/21, Bead Weaving Project #431, Tila Beads & Seed Beads Diamonds Necklace or Bracelet
Materials Needed for 18” Necklace:
83 Half-Tila Beads
#11 Seed Beads, 2 colors:
     210 Main color beads
     42 Accent color beads
2-5 yds. of Size D thread: Superlon, Fireline or Power Pro
Clasp set or 5” of 18-gauge wire to make clasp
1” of cable chain with links large enough to fit the clasp (optional)
G-S Hypo Cement (optional)
Tools Needed:
Bead Stopper Clip
Size 10 Beading needle
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Fleece project mat

Viking Knit Double Knit Necklace

Week 2, 9/9/21, Craft Wire Project #432, Viking Knit Double Knit Necklace
Materials Needed:

10-20 yards of 26-gauge wire for Viking knit
1 yd. of 24-gauge wire
Clasp set
2 cones or bullets with 5/16” opening
2 small round beads to end off cones
1 Head pin
2” large cable chain for adjustability
1 Small bead for dangle
Pendant to hang from the necklace
Tools Needed:
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutter
½” Lazee Daizee Viking Knit tool
Viking Knit drawplate

Week 3, 9/16/21, Yom Kippur, No Class

Metalwork Leaf Necklace Pendant

Week 4, 9/23/21, Metalwork Project #433, Leaf Pendant Necklace
Materials Needed:

24-gauge sheet metal
Liver of sulfur or hard-boiled egg & ziplock bag (optional)
Tools Needed:
Extra fine point Sharpie
Metal Shears
Metal File
Ball Peen Hammer
Plastic or Rawhide Hammer (optional)
Steel Bench Block
Doming Block
3mm or 5mm. mandrel or bailing pliers
Flat head screwdriver or chisel
Regular hammer

Diamond European 4-in-1 Chain Maille Earrings

Week 5, 9/30/21, Chain Maille Project #245, European 4-in-1 Diamond Earrings
Materials Needed:

100, 18-gauge, 3.5 Inner Diameter jump rings (Susan’s #20)
1 pair of earring wires
Optional: beads & head pins
Tools Needed:
2 pairs of chain-nose pliers

Zig Zag Multi Strand Nylon Covered Wire Necklace

Week 6, 10/7/21, Nylon-Covered Wire Project #280, Zig Zag, Multi-Strand Necklace
Materials Needed:

10 ft. of .015” or .014” nylon-covered wire (aka beading wire)
(2) 2mm.x2mm. crimp tubes
1 clasp set
About 600 good quality (consistent size) Size 6 seed beads or other small beads, at least 2 colors or types
(2) 4mm. crimp covers
Tools Needed:
Wire flush cutter
2 Bead Stopper Clips
Medium crimping pliers
Chain-nose pliers

Cube Bead Loom Woven Bracelet

Week 7, 10/14/21, Bead Weaving Project #436, Loom Woven Cube Bead Bracelet With Graph Paper Pattern
Materials Needed:

Cube beads
Superlon 210 Cord
Superlon size D thread
Ending to be determined
Tools Needed:
Bead loom, #10 beading needle, scissors, ruler

Macrame Wings Necklace Half Hitch Knots

Week 8 10/21/21, Macrame Project #439, Macrame Angel Wings Necklace
Materials Needed:

Waxed polyester cord
4mm. beads
6mm. bead
Tools Needed:
Macrame board or clipboard

Full Perisan Chain Maille Necklace Chain Mail

Week 9, 10/28/21, Chain Maille Project #437, Full Persian Chain Maille Necklace
Materials Needed:
Susan’s #2 jump rings (8mm outer diameter, 18-gauge)
clasp set
bead(s) (optional)
Tools Needed:
2 pairs of chain-nose pliers

Flat kumihimo braid with center beads

Click here for Flat Kumihimo Braid with Center Beads handout.
Click here for link to recording of Flat Kumihimo Braid with Center Beads Zoom class.

Week 10, 11/4/21, Cord Project #435, Flat Kumihimo Braid With Center Beads
Materials Needed:

4mm beads with holes large enough to fit on cord
Clasp set
Ribbon ends
Tools Needed:
Kumihimo square plate
1 oz. fishing weight
Large safety pin
Chain-nose pliers
10 Bobbins

Week 11, 11/11/21, NO CLASS – VETERAN’S DAY

Adjustable Beaded Woven Wire Ring     Adjustable Beaded Woven Wire Ring

Week 12, 11/18/21, Craft Wire Project #181, Adjustable, Beaded, Woven Wire Ring
Materials Needed:

12” of  20-gauge wire
1 ½  yds. of 26-gauge wire
Asst. tiny & small beads (i.e. seed beads, small pearls, 4mm. beads)
1 -6mm. bead
Tools Needed:
Wire side cutters
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Steel bench block or anvil
Flat-head chasing hammer
Wooden ring clamp or plastic spring clamp
Ring mandrel

If time permits:

Orbit Wire Ring with Pearl

Craft Wire Project #236, Orbit Ring
Materials Needed:

46” of 20-gauge wire
(1) 8mm round bead w/hole large enough to fit 20-gauge wire
Tools Needed:
Ring Mandrel
Chain-nose pliers
Wire flush cutter
Round-nose pliers
Nylon-jaw pliers

Week 13, 11/25/21, NO CLASS - THANKSGIVING


Stretchy bracelet woven on Endless Loom

Week 14, 12/2/21, Bead Weaving Project #361, Endless Loom Stretchy Bracelet
Materials Needed for 1” wide bracelet:

Approx. 400 Size 6 seed beads, in as many colors as you choose
8 Beadsmith Endless Loom elastic bands
9 yards of Superlon thread, size D
G-S Hypo Cement
Graph paper
Colored markers or pencils
Tools Needed:
Endless Loom & accessories
(2) #10 Beading needles
Chain-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Project Mat

Chain and leather cord bracelet

Week 15, 12/9/21, Chain Project #192, Chain & Cord Bracelet w/Macrame Slide Closure
Materials Needed:

25” of 4.5mm. Rollo (a.k.a. Belcher) chain
90” of 1.5mm. round leather cord
20” of Waxed Cotton Cord
Tools Needed:
Heavy wire cutters to cut chain, or 2 chain-nose pliers to open links
Awl or Head pin to measure chain
2 paper clips

Eyeglasses handmade chain necklace

Week 16, 12/16/21, Craft Wire Projects #90 & 113, Hand-Made Wire Components: Cloverleaf & Eyeglasses
Materials Needed
20-gauge wire
18-gauge wire
asst beads
Tools Needed:
Chain-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Round-nose pliers
Bailing pliers
Steel bench block
Chasing hammer       

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