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Spring, 2023, Emeritus Beginner Jewelry Class

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9732
Class Time: Thursdays, 2pm-4:15pm
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Week 1, 2/16/23, NO CLASS: SUSAN ABSENT
Week 2, 2/23/23, Nylon-Covered Wire Project #3: Single-Strand, Nylon-Covered Wire Necklace w/Crimp Beads OR Face Mask Holder
Materials Needed:
.018" Beadalon nylon-covered wire (length of necklace, plus 12 extra inches)
Asst. beads, including 8 small beads w/lg. holes, for the ends of the necklace
(2) 2mm.x2mm. crimp beads
NCW Project #30: Eyeglass Holders or Face Mask Holder
Week 3, 3/2/23: Memory Wire Project #2: 3-Coil Memory Wire Bracelet
Materials Needed:
3 ½ coils bracelet-size memory wire
About 21" of asst. beads
Notes about beads: Don’t use long, tubular or oval beads because they won’t go around the curve of the wire. Also, avoid too many heavy beads.
Tools Needed:
Memory wire cutter
Round-nose pliers
Important: Do not use your regular cutters on Memory Wire!
Stretch Magic Projects #1 & #367, Single-Strand Stretch Magic Bracelet with 4 Different Endings
Stretch Magic Bracelet
Materials Needed:
14” of .7mm. Stretch Magic elastic cord
7-8" of asst. beads
G-S Hypo Cement
4mm. crimp cover
Hanging bail
Large-hole bead
Small, heavy jump ring (Susan’s #14)
Bead caps (optional)
Tools Needed:
Bead Stopper Clip
2 Pairs of Chain-nose pliers
Week 4, 3/9/23, NCW Project #115, Double Strand NCW Necklace Woven with Frame Beads or Rings
Double Strand Necklace Woven Through Rings
Materials Needed for 28” Necklace:
80” of .015” or .018” nylon-covered wire (cut into 2 -40” strands), such as Beadalon
56” of asst. small or med. size beads, including asst. seed beads
6-8 frame beads or large rings
20 size 11 seed beads & 8 size 6 seed beads for ends
Clasp set
2 or 4 -2mm.x2mm. crimp tubes
Tools Needed:
Med. Crimping pliers or chain-nose pliers
4 bead stopper clips
Wire flush cutters
Week 6, 3/23/23, Craft Wire Projects #18 & 19: Wire Looping for Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets on Head-pins & Wire
Week 7, 3/30/23, Craft Wire Project #14: Wire-Wrapped Necklace or Bracelet
Craft Wire Project #22: Necklace of beads & chain connected with Wire Loops or Wire-Wrapping
Bead Caps, Chain, Metal Rings, Beads, Necklace
AND (if time permits)
Craft Wire Project #54: Wire Wrapping Top-Drilled Beads for Earrings
Week 8, 4/6/23, Stretch Magic Project #189, Safety Pin Bracelet on Stretch Magic
Safetly Pin Bracelet on Stretch Magic
Materials Needed:
28” of .7mm. Stretch Magic
(20-30) 1 ¼” to 1 ¾” safety pins
14”- 15” of matching 6mm.-8mm. beads to string on Stretch Magic
30”- 40” of small & medium beads to fill one side of each of the safety pins
(about 3 strands of 4mm-6mm. beads, or 200-300 size 6 seed beads)
Note: The holes of the beads must be big enough to fit the safety pins.
Tools Needed:
Bead Stopper Clip
Week 9, 4/20/23, Macrame Project #210: Macrame Square Knot Bracelet with Center Beads & Slide Closure
Materials Needed:
Waxed polyester or Superlon Tex 400 Cord
Asst. beads
G-S Hypo Cement
Clear nail polish
Tools Needed:
2 Bead Stopper Clips or tape
Chain-nose pliers
Knotting Tweezers (optional)
Macrame Board or Clipboard
Week 10, 4/27/23, Cord Project #9: Necklace Strung on Bead Cord, w/Bead Tips
Cord Project #12: 18” Knotted Necklace on Bead Cord, w/Bead Tips
Cord Project #13: Floating-Design Knotted Necklace on Bead Cord, w/Bead Tips
Floating Design Knotted Necklace     
Week 11, 5/4/23, Cord Project #138, Necklace: Alternating Double Strand, Knotted Necklace on Leather or Cotton Cord
Alternating Knotted Strands Necklace
Materials Needed:
3 yds. of  ½ mm., 1mm., or 2mm. cord
Beads with holes large enough to fit one strand of cord
¾” button (with shank or holes)
Optional pendant or bead dangle made with head pin
Tools Needed:
Bead Stopper Clip
Bead Design Board
Knotting Tweezers (optional)
Week 12, 5/11/23, Bead Weaving Project #67, Large Bead, Loomed Bracelet w/Thick Cord, single or multi-wrap
Bead Loom Bracelet
Materials Needed:
1mm. 1.5mm. or 2mm. cord (such as leather, cotton or polyester)
½” or ¾” Button with shank or 2 holes
10” scrap of string or cotton cord
Size D Thread: Fireline, Superlon or Power Pro
Beads: Choose 1 type of bead that is 4mm. to 6mm. wide OR About 21" of asst. beads with widths that singly or side-by-side equal the same width, up to about 6mm. wide. All beads must have holes large enough to fit 2 strands of thread
G-S Hypo Cement
Tools Needed:
Bead Loom or clip board or macrame board
Chain-nose pliers
Size 10 Beading Needle
Ruler or measuring tape
Week 13, 5/18/23: NO CLASS/SUSAN ABSENT
Week 14, 5/25/23, Chain Maille Project #55: 3-in-3 Chain Maille Bracelet
3-in-3 Chain Maille Bracelet
Chain Maille Project #64, Byzantine Weave Chain Maille Bracelet
 Byzantine Chain Maille Bracelet
Materials Needed for Approx. 8” Bracelet:
Approx. 170, 18-gauge jump rings with 3.5mm. inner dimension (Susan’s #36 rings)
1 Toggle clasp set
Tools Needed:
2 pairs of smooth-jawed pliers (chain-nose, flat-nose or bent-nose)
Week 15, 6/1/23, Cord Project #68, Leather Lariat Necklace

Week 16, 6/8/23, Updated Project: Miscellaneous Project #412, Men's Bracelet Styles, Asst.

Click here for Men's Bracelet Styles handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 6/8/23 Beginner Jewelry class.

Some Materials Needed: Round leather cord, 18-gauge wire, clasp, chain, buttons, soutache cord, Stretch Magic, 8mm round beads, G-S Hypo Cement, Superlon size D thread

Some Tools Needed: Scissors, #10 beading needle, wire flush cutters, round kumihimo disc, fishing weight, large safety pin, clipboard, Bead Stopper Clip, Chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers

Originally Planned Project:
Craft Wire Project #131, 4 Wire Ring Styles
  adjustable wire ring  3-stone crossover wire ring
Wire ring  Thin wire ring
Materials Needed:
1) 8mm. round bead
2 matching 6mm. round or bicone beads
20-gauge wire
24-gauge wire
18-gauge wire
2 graduated size 2- or 4-hole buttons
Flat, oval stone or crystal
Tools Needed:
Wire flush cutters
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Nylon-jaw pliers
Ring mandrel
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