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Winter, 2022, Emeritus Jewelry Class

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9516

Class Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:45pm

Click here for downloadable semester project list.

Beaded Turquoise Necklace Beaded Turquoise Necklace

Basic Nylon-Covered Wire Necklace Handout

Week 1, 1/6/22, NCW Project #161, Constellations Necklace

Link to Zoom recording of Constellations Necklace class.

Materials Needed for 18” necklace
60” of .015” nylon-covered wire (such as Beadalon, 7-strand beading cable)
At least 8 small beads that have holes big enough to fit 4 strands of wire (such as Size 6 seed beads)
Bugle beads
Seed beads and/or 4mm. round beads
Asst. larger beads
Clasp set
(2) 2mm.x2mm. crimp tubes
Tools Needed
Medium (Standard) Crimping Pliers
Wire flush cutters
Bead stopper clip


NCW Project #3, Basic Nylon-Covered Wire Necklace
Materials Needed for 18” Necklace

30” - .018” Beadalon nylon-covered wire (length of necklace, plus 12 extra inches) – also known as beading wire
2  -2mm.x 2mm.crimp tubes
Clasp set
8 small beads w/lg. holes, for the ends of the necklace
17” of asst. beads, any size
Tools Needed
Medium (a.k.a. Standard) Crimping pliers
Wire flush cutter
Bead Stopper Clip
Bead design board

 Lashed Leather & Chain Bracelet
Lashed Leather & Chain Bracelet Handout

Week 2, 1/13/22, Leather Cord project #305, Lashed Leather & Chain Bracelet, Multi-Wrap

Link to Zoom recording of Lashed Leather & Chain Bracelet Class.

Materials Needed
4.5mm rollo chain (or other wide chain): Cut your chain 2 inches shorter than your final bracelet length:
5.5” for a 7.5” (single wrap) bracelet
13” for a 15” (double-wrap) bracelet
20.5” for a 22.5” (triple-wrap) bracelet
1.5mm or 2mm round leather cord:
32” for a 7.5” (single wrap) bracelet.
47” for a 15” (double-wrap) bracelet.
65” for a 22.5” (triple-wrap) bracelet.
Size D Super-Lon thread:
130” for a 7.5” (single wrap) bracelet - cut two 65” threads.
220” for a 15” (double-wrap) bracelet - cut two 110” threads.
310” for a 22.5” (triple-wrap) bracelet - cut two 155” threads.
1 large-hole button for clasp
Tools Needed
2 size 10 beading needles
Wire flush cutters
Heavy Duty Wire cutters (to cut chain)
Chain-nose pliers
Masking tape
2 Bead Stopper Clips, Binder clips or Paper Clips

Birch Leaf Earrings

Simple Leaf Shape Wire Earrings Handout

Week 3, 1/20/22, Craft Wire Project #271, Birch Leaf Earrings

Link to recording of Birch Leaf Earrings class.

Materials Needed
12” of 18-gauge craft wire
10 ft. of 26-gauge craft wire
1 pair of earring wires
Tools Needed
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire flush cutters

Nylon jaw pliers
Round dowel, mandrel, or found item that is 18mm (3/4”) in diameter


Simple Leaf Shape Wire Earrings

 Eropean 4-in-1 Chain Maille Necklace
European 4-in-1 Necklace Handout

Week 4, 1/27/22, Chain Maille Project #441, European 4-in-1 Chain Maille Necklace with Points

Link to recording of European 4-in-1 Chain Maille Necklace class.

Materials Needed
About 400, 18-gauge, 4.2mm ID jump rings (Susan’s #36)
Large lobster clasp
Figure-8 or other kind of loop to attach clasp to
3 head pins
3 beads for dangles
6" of any gauge scrap wire
Tools Needed
2 pairs of chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Fleece work mat
Large T-pin
Jump ring tool (optional)

Chain Maille Project #207, European 4-in-1 Chain Maille Bracelet

Half Hitch Bracelet with Beads

Week 5, 2/3/22, Macrame Project #158, Half Hitch Bracelet with Beads

Link to recording of Macrame Half Hitch Bracelet Zoom class.

Materials Needed
6 yds. of Superlon TEX 210 nylon bead cord or Waxed polyester cord
          (or 5 - 43” strands)
½” to 1” Button with shank large enough to fit all 5 cords
Assorted beads with holes large enough to fit bead cord
Tools Needed

Zig Zag stitch bracelet with round beads Zig Zag Stitch BRacelet with Bicone beads

Week 6, 2/10/22,  Bead Weaving Project #28, Zig-Zag Stitch Bracelet

Link to recording of Zig Zag Stitch bracelet Zoom class

Materials Needed
(1) 2mm. x 2mm. crimp tube
56” of .014” or .015” nylon covered wire (Softflex or Beadalon)
4, 5, or 6mm. round or bicone beads, 2 colors  (Approx. 2/3 Color A & 1/3 Color B)
NOTE: You can make this with seed beads, but it doesn’t look as good (in my opinion)
Tools Needed
Wire flush cutter
2 Bead Stopper Clips
Chain-nose pliers
Standard crimping pliers    

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