Emeritus Advanced Jewelry Class Projects, Tools, & Materials for Fall, 2020

Fall, 2020, Advanced Jewelry Making,

ART E80, Section 9730, Class Curriculum (Syllabus) & Materials Info.

Class time & Location: Remote Class on Zoom

Ribbon Necklace with beads

Week 1, 9/3/20, Ribbon Project #121, Beads Wrapped & Sewn with Ribbon

Materials Needed:
(1) 16” strand of 8mm-15mm beads
2¼ yards (81”) of Ribbon in your desired size
2 yards of Size D Superlon thread to match ribbon

Tools Needed:
Size 10 Beading Needle
Chain-nose pliers
Sharp scissors

Seed Bead Bracelet with Scalloped Edge

Week 2, 9/11/20,  Bead Weaving Project #408, Simple Seed Bead Bracelet with Scalloped Edge

Materials Needed:
50-60 size 6 seed beads or Cube beads
200 size 11 seed beads
1 pair clamshell bead tips
8 ft. of Size D beading thread: Fireline, Power Pro or Superlon
Lobster claw clasp set
Optional: 1" piece of chain with links large enough to clasp lobster claw
G-S Hypo Cement

Tools Needed:
2 #10 Beading needles
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Fleece work mat
Sharp scissors

Pendant Necklace Wire Woven Bezel

Week 3, 9/17/20, Craft Wire Project #298, Wooden Ring Clamp Woven Wire Bezel for Stones

Materials Needed:
1 yd. of 20-gauge wire
5 yds. of 26-gauge wire
Large, smooth, flat stone
8” of Scotch Tape or 3M Cement Tape

Tools Needed:
Nylon-jaw pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire flush cutters
Wooden ring clamp
3/5mm bailing pliers

Crocheted wire earringsCrocheted Wire earrings with beads
Week 4, 9/24/20, Crochet Project #240, Crocheted Wire Circle Earrings or Necklace                              

Materials Needed:
1 spool of 30 or 32-gauge wire
Earring wires
2 jump rings
Asst. beads (optional)
Head pins (optional)
24-gauge wire (optional)
2 cones & clasp (optional)

Tools Needed:
Size C, D, E or F crochet hook
Wire flush cutters
Regular sewing needle
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers

Week 5, 10/1/20, Macrame Project #405, Macrame Half-Hitch Leaf Necklace

Materials Needed: Cord, a few beads, clasp, jump rings, foldover crimps

Tools Needed: Clipboard or macrame board, sharp scissors, 2 pairs of chain-nose pliers, T-pins or other long pins, ruler


Week 6, 10/8/20, Bead Weaving Project #67, Loom Woven Bracelet with Asst. Beads

Materials Needed: .5mm, 1mm. or 2mm. cord (such as leather, cotton or polyester) - Single Wrap: 40”, Double Wrap: 60”, Triple Wrap: 80”; ½” or ¾” Button with shank or 2 holes; 10” scrap of string or cotton cord; 2 yds. of Size D Thread: Fireline, Superlon or Power Pro; Beads: 4mm. or 6mm. – all similar width & with holes large enough to fit 2 strands of thread - Single Wrap: 7” of beads, Double Wrap: 14” of beads, Triple: 21” of beads, G-S Hypo Cement

Tools Needed: Bead Loom, Scissors, Chain Nose pliers, Size 10 Beading Needle, Phillips-head screwdriver (optional),

Knotting tweezers (optional), Ruler


Week 7, 10/15/20, Metalwork Project #402, Basic Metalwork Earrings with Beads

Materials Needed: Metal sheet or pre-made metal shape, 20-gauge or 24-gauge wire, Asst. beads, Head pins, Pair of earring wires, Jump rings (optional)

Tools Needed: Metal shears (optional), Hammers, Metal hole punch, Round-nose pliers, Chain-nose pliers, Wire flush cutter, Sizzix machine (optional), Ruler


Week 8, 10/22/20, Craft Wire Project #403, Hand-Made Cotter Pin Chain with Hand-Made Clasp

Materials Needed: 18-gauge wire, 16-gauge wire (optional), Beads (optional), Head pins (optional)

Tools Needed: Large bailing pliers, Round-nose pliers, Chain-Nose pliers, Wire flush cutters


Week 9, 10/29/20, Miscellaneous Project #404, Tribal Necklace or Bracelet: Strung and Coiled Seed Bead Cord

Materials Needed: Size 8 Seed Beads, Size 11 Seed Beads, 26-gauge wire, 2mm. leather cord, Clasp, Foldover crimps, Small, heavy jump rings (Susan’s #14)

Tools Needed: Wire flush cutters, Chain-nose pliers, Round-nose pliers, Scissors, Ruler


Week 10, 11/5/20, Bead Weaving Project #406, Half-Tila beads Herringbone Bracelet

Materials Needed: Half-Tila Beads, Size 11 seed beads, Size D beading thread – Superlon, Fireline, Power Pro, Toggle clasp, jump rings

Tools Needed: 2 pairs of chain-nose pliers, #10 beading needle, sharp scissors, fleece work mat



Week 11, 11/12/20, Miscellaneous Project #409, Multi-Strand Necklace with Mixed Media Strands & Pendant

Materials Needed: Foldover crimps, crimp beads, 16-gauge wire, leather cord, asst. beads, beading wire (nylon-covered wire), thread, clasp, ribbon ends, cones or bullets, 24-gauge wire, G-S Hypo Cement

Tools Needed: Medium Crimping Pliers, 2 pairs of Chain-nose pliers, Round-nose pliers, Wire flush cutters, Scissors, Ruler

Week 12, 11/19/20, Chain Project #156: Netted Chain Necklace with Beads

Materials Needed: jump rings (8mm. outer diameter, 18-gauge), approximately 15mm. beads, any shape,

Lobster clasp, 20-gauge craft wire, medium chain (such as 4.6mm. cable chain) w/ links large enough to hook the lobster clasp

Tools Needed: 2 pairs of chain-nose pliers, Round-nose pliers, Wire side cutters, Heavy wire cutters for chain


Week 13, 11/26/20, Thanksgiving, No class


Week 14, 12/3/20, Miscellaneous Project #407, Folded Paper Bracelet or Earrings

Materials Needed: 8 ½” x 11” piece of plain paper or equivalent size of wrapping paper or origami paper; Markers, crayons, colored pencils or any kind of paint (optional); (2) 16-gauge, 7-8mm.jump rings (Susan’s #33 rings); (2-4) 18-gauge, 6 mm. jump rings (Susan’s #40); 1 toggle clasp set; 2” of Scotch tape or packing tape (not Magic tape); G-S Hypo Cement

Tools Needed: Smooth, flat surface, Ruler, Sharp pencil, Sharp scissors or paper cutter, 2 pairs of chain-nose pliers, Awl or ice pick with a very sharp point


Week 15, 12/10/20, Bead Weaving Project #31, Heirloom Lace & Memory Wire Bracelet

Materials Needed: 4 yards Superlon Thread, size D, to match the edge beads, Size 6 seed beads: 150 Color A for edge, 275 Color B for center lace area, 3 complete coils of Memory Wire, 4 Memory Wire end caps OR 4 head pin dangles (4 head pins & 4-8 small beads) OR 4 charm dangles (4 small charms & 4 small, heavy jump rings – Susan’s size 14)

Tools Needed: Project Mat, Chain-nose pliers, Scissors or wire flush cutter, Memory Wire Cutter, Size 10 beading needle, Regular needle w/eye big enough for 2 strands of thread, Round-nose pliers, Super glue or other glue for non-porous surfaces (if using end caps)


Week 16, 12/17/20, Chain Maille Project #81, Half Persian 3-in-1 Bracelet

Materials Needed: About 84 jump rings, 18-gauge, 8mm. outer diameter – Susan’s #2 rings (for 7” bracelet – 12 more for each extra inch), 2 -5 or 6mm. jump rings (Susan’s #1 rings), Toggle clasp set, 9” 18-gauge wire (contrasting color)

Tools Needed: 2 smooth-jawed pliers (chain-nose, flat nose or bent nose), wire side cutters, round nose pliers, Soft, cushy work mat





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