Fall, 2022, Emeritus Beginner Jewelry Class

Class Title: ART E80, Section 9729
Class Time: Thursdays, 2:00-4:15pm

Click here for downloadable semester project list.

Week 1, 9/1/22, There will be no class on 9/1/22, as Susan will be out of town.

Week 2, 9/8/22, Nylon-Covered Wire Project #3: Single-Strand, Nylon-Covered Wire Necklace w/Crimp Beads OR Face Mask Holder OR Eyeglass Holder

Necklace with Beading Wire and Crimp Beads  Mask holder  Eyeglass holder necklace

Click here for Nylon-Covered Wire Necklace handout.

Click here for Zoom recording of 9/8/22 class.

Week 3, 9/15/22, Nylon-Covered Wire Project #392, Multi-Strand Necklace with Rings

Multi strand beaded necklace with rings

Week 4, 9/22/22, Craft Wire Projects #18 & 19: Wire Looping for Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets on Head-pins & Wire

  Wire-Looped Necklace Craft Wire

Click here for Wire Looping on a Headpin handout.

Click here for Wire Looping with Craft Wire handout.

Craft Wire Project #14: Wire-Wrapped Necklace or Bracelet

Click here for Wire Wrapping handout.

Link to recording of 9/22/22 Zoom class.

Week 5, 9/29/22, Chain Project #299, Chain, Rings & Beads Necklace, w/Bead Caps
Craft Wire Project #22: Necklace of beads & chain connected with Wire Loops or Wire-Wrapping

Bead Caps, Chain, Metal Rings, Beads, Necklace

Click here for Chain, Rings & Beads Necklace handout.

Click here for Beads & Chain Necklace handout.

Link to Zoom recording of 9/29/22 class.

Week 6, 10/6/22, Craft Wire Project #50, Spirals & Spiral-Caged Beads Necklace and Earrings

Spiral and SM Bus Token Necklace  Spiral-Caged Beads Earrings

Click here for Spirals handout.

Week 7, 10/13/22, Stretch Magic Project #382, Multi-Strand, Stretchy, Seed Bead Bracelet with Horn or Bone Spacers

Seed Bead Stretchy Bracelet with horn spacers
Seed Bead Bracelet with Horn or Bone Spacers handout.

Week 8, 10/20/22, Macrame Project #210: Macrame Square Knot Bracelet with Center Beads & Slide Closure

Macrame Square knot bracelet with sliding closure
Click here for Macrame Bracelet handout.

Week 9, 10/27/22, Cord Project #9: Necklace Strung on Bead Cord, w/Bead Tips

  Knotted Necklace Pearl Knotting

Cord Project #12: 18” Knotted Necklace on Bead Cord, w/Bead Tips
Cord Project #13: Floating-Design Knotted Necklace on Bead Cord, w/Bead Tips

Floating Design Knotted Necklace     
Click here for Knotted Bead Cord Necklace handout.

Click here to watch my YouTube video on knotting.

Week 10, 11/3/22, Chain Maille Project #55: 3-in-3 Chain Maille Bracelet 

Click here for 3-in-3 Chain Maille Bracelet handout.


Chain Maille Project #348: 2-in-2 Chain Maille with Seed Beads

Seed Bead & Jump Ring Necklace Chain Maille Necklace
Click here for 2-in-2 Chain Maille Necklace with Seed Beads handout.

Week 11, 11/10/22, Craft Wire Project #54: Top-Drilled Beads AND Chandelier earrings with top-drilled beads AND Make Your Own Earring Wires

Chandelier Earrings  Top-Drilled Bead Earrings

Week 12, 11/17/22, Bead Weaving Project #264, Bohemian Wrap Bracelet/Needle Method

Bohemian Wrap Bracelet

Week 13, 11/24/22, NO CLASS – THANKSGIVING

Week 14, 12/1/22, Cord Project #41, Multi-Strand, Knotted Bead or Button Necklace on Griffin Bead Cord w/cones or bullet ends

Bead or Button Multi-Strand Knotted necklace


Week 15, 12/8/22, Bead Weaving Project #101, Spiral Rope Chain

 Spiral Rope Chain Necklace

Link to Spiral Rope Chain Handout.

Week 16, 12/15/22, Nylon Covered Wire Project #339, Interchangeable Chain & Beads Necklace with S-Clasp

Interchangeable Chain and Bead Necklace

Link to Interchangeable Chain & Bead Necklace Handout.



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