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Cord Projects

There are so many types of cord that can be used to make jewelry! As a former (and current) weaver and fiber artist, I'm in love with all the different fiber methods that can be applied to jewelry making.

Griffin Bead Cord Necklace or Bracelet with clamshell bead tips & clasp

Learn how to string beads on Griffin Bead Cord & how to finish off your project with clamshell bead tips and a clasp.

Project number: 9

knotted necklace
Knotted Griffin Bead Cord Necklace or bracelet

Learn pearl knotting & how to finish off your project with clamshell bead tips and a clasp.

Project number: 12

Floating Design Bead Knotting Necklaces
Knotted Griffin Cord Necklace with floating design

Use pearl knotting to create a floating bead design on cord.

Project number: 13

Continuous Strand Knotted Necklace
Continuous Strand Knotted Necklace with no clasp

Learn how to make a continuous, knotted necklace with no clasp or visible beginning or end point.

Project number: 21

Multi-Strand Griffin cord necklace with cones

Learn to end a multi-strand cord necklace with cones and a clasp.

Project number: 260

"Branches" Necklace with threaded dangles

"Branches" of beads decorate this pretty necklace.

Project number: 46

Knotted Bead cord necklace with spaces & frame beads, extra long

Combine beads and frames to create this interesting style.

Project number: 58

Floating Design Knotted necklace on waxed cotton cord, with large-hole beads - bold or delicate styles

Use bold beads and heavy cord to create this floating design necklace. Learn 4 different ways to end off the necklace.

Project number: 59

Bead or Button Multi-Strand Knotted necklace
Multi-Strand, Knotted Bead or Button Necklace, with cones

Make multiple strands of floating beads or buttons and put them together with cones to decorate the ends.

Project number: 41

Asst. Leather Cord Techniques - how to attach clasps, other types of closures, how to decorate leather cord, etc.

Learn basic techniques of decorating & finishing round, leather cord.

Project numbers: 34a (closures) & 34b (decorations)

Braided Cord necklace with beads braided in (with optional pendant)

Learn to incorporate beads into a braided necklace. Add a pendant for more interest.

Project number: 125

2-Layer, Reversible Button Necklace

Use colorful buttons to create this reversible necklace.

Project number: 169

Braided leather bracelet 4 ways: plain, with bead dangles, with center bead, or with beads braided in

Braid round leather to create this bracelet with 4 different finishing & decorating techniques.

Project number: 79

Leather Lariat Necklace with bead dangles
Lariat Style, Multi-Strand Leather Necklace with bead dangles

Use your wire-working skills to decorate this multi-strand leather lariat necklace.

Project number: 68

Braided Leather & Chain Wrap Bracelet or Necklace

Braid leather and chain together to create this long necklace or multi-wrap bracelet.

This style can also be made with ribbon.

Project number: 162

"Industrial" Leather & Chain Bracelet

Leather cord and chain combine to create this rugged bracelet.

Project Number: 192

3 Methods of Weaving Cord Through Rings or Washers

Learn 3 different cord patterns for stringing together rings or washers.

Project number: 137

Alternating Double Strand, Knotted Necklace on Heavy Cord

Enclose beads in-between a double strand of knotted cord.

Project number: 138

Knotless Netting Pouch Necklace

Learn the ancient art of knotless netting and use it to make a pouch necklace, decorated with beads.

Project number: 111

Single Layer, Threaded Button Necklaces & Bracelets – 2 ways of threading

Learn 2 ways of threading together buttons to create unique bracelets & necklaces.

Project number: 69

Double Threaded, Strung Button Necklace

Learn to combine cord and buttons to create this unusual necklace.

Project number: 73


Wrapped Leather Cord Bracelet w/wire or button clasp

Make a rustic bracelet with wrapped leather and beads.

Project number: 160


Knotted, Dangling Beads “Thingie” Necklace

Make this whimsical, but easy necklace with cord & simple knotting.

Project number: 167

Basic Kumihimo Braid Bracelet

Learn basic kumihimo braiding & create a simple, but attractive bracelet.

Project number: 201

Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet

Learn basic kumihimo braiding and then incorporate metal beads to create this beautiful bracelet.

Project number: 202

Kumihimo Bracelet with Seed Beads

Learn basic kumihimo braiding and incorporate seed beads for a solid, beaded bracelet.

Project number: 191


Kumihimo Pendant Necklace Cord w/Metal Findings

Learn to make a kumihimo cord using soutache cord and use it to hang your most beautiful pendants.

Project number: 214






Floating Design, Single or Multi-Strand, Fishing Line (Supplemax) Necklace with crimp beads

Create the illusion of floating beads using clear fishing line and crimp beads.

Project number: 71

Triple-Twist, 3-strand Fishing Line (Supplemax) Necklace (w/thanks to Johanna Giannone)

Create clusters of luscious beads with this fun technique.

Project number: 70






Alternating Fishing Line (Supplemax) Illusion Necklace

Interweave multiple strands of clear fishing line to create the illusion of floating beads.

Project number: 133

Stretch Magic Bracelet
Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Bracelet with no clasp (tied w/square knot) - plain beads or letter beads

Learn to make the most basic, versatile bracelet that will last a long time with this high-quality cord.

Project numbers: 1 (plain beads) & 1a (letter beads)

Triple Strand Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Bracelet with
3-hole, metal, spacer bars

Make a triple-level bracelet on stretchy cord.

Project numbers: 10

Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Charm Bracelets

Make a cool, stretchy "charm" bracelet with multiple bead dangles.

Project number: 94



Triple Strand, Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Bracelet with large beads at intervals

Make a stretchy bracelet with multiple strands and large focal beads.

Project number: 107

Elastic Cord (Stretch-Magic), Multi-Layer Cuff Bracelet

Make a stretchy cuff bracelet.

Project number: 159

Stretch Magic Bracelet
Multi-Strand, Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Bracelet with Beading Wire Loops

Create a bevy of bracelets, all held together with colorful loops.

Project number: 164

Safety Pin Bracelet
Safety Pin Bracelet on Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic)

String beads on safety pins and put them together to create this fun bracelet.

Project number: 189

Stretch Magic Bracelet
Multi-Strand, Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Bracelet with Bone Spacer Bars

Use beautiful, classic, bone spacers to create this attractive bracelet.

Project number: 196

Stretchy, Wavy Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic) Bracelet with metal spacers

Put together seed beads, spacers and a little math to create this very popular style.

Project number: 216

Leather & Large-Hole Pearls Necklace

Make these exotic, St. Barth's style necklaces using the unusual combination of leather & pearls. You can also use other large-hole beads.

Project number: 237

Leather Necklace with Dangles

Dangle an assortment of beads from round, leather cord.

Project number: 253

Old Style Bead Cord Knotted Necklace, with French Wire Finish

Learn the classic method of finishing a silk or nylon cord necklace, using make-it-yourself French wire.

Project number: 229





Triple Strand Knotted Necklace with Alternating Beads

Weave 3 strands of cord around and through your beads to create an open weave look.

Project number: 265




Tassel Earrings & Necklace

Learn to make trendy cord tassels and incorporate them into any jewelry design.

Project number: 279




Leather and Chain Necklace with Bead Dangles

Combine leather, chain and beads to create this trendy necklace.

Project number: 258




Daisy Chain Ring on Stretchy Cord

Learn the Daisy Chain bead weaving pattern and use it to create a cute ring.

Project number: 266





Button Ring on Stretchy Cord

Create a simple but stylish button ring.

Project number: 267