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Memory Wire Projects

Memory Wire is a stainless steel wire that comes in coils and holds its shape forever. String beads on it to create a wide range of bracelet and ring designs.
Memory Wire Bracelet
3-Coil Memory Wire Bracelet

Learn to cut Memory Wire, begin and end a Memory Wire bracelet, and create a wide range of designs for Memory Wire Bracelets.

Project Number: 2


3-Strand Memory Wire Bracelet with Spacer Bars

3 rows of memory wire, held in place by spacer bars.

Project Number: 16

2-Strand Memory Wire Bracelet with Beads Strung on Posts all around

Two rows of memory wire with beaded posts all around.

Project Number: 17

Memory Wire Ring with Seed Beads & Tiny Dangles

Make this ring using small seed beads with a decorative burst of larger beads on top.

Project Number: 63