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Craft Wire in many sizes and colors
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Antique silver wire
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Shiny copper wire
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Hematite wire
Antiue Copper craft Wire

Craft Wire, Round (click for colors & gauges)

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For wire-wrapping, wire looping and all types of wire bending and shaping. Price is per spool. The thickness of the wire is measured in "gauges." The thicker the wire, the lower the gauge. So, for example, 16 gauge is much thicker than 26-gauge.

Different gauges are used for different purposes:
For wire looping, 20-gauge is best.
For wire wrapping, 24-gauge is best.
For forming wire shapes,  14-, 16- or 18-gauge is best.
For wrapping beads around wire shapes, 26-gauge is best.
For knitting or crocheting with wire, 30-gauge is best.

This wire is copper-based wire with silver-plating (shiny silver) or colored enamel coating (all other colors).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current high price of silver, the silver plated wire ("Shiny Silver") is now $1.00 more than the other colors.