Bead Stringing Classes

Beading wire, stretchy cord, bead cord, fishing line, memory wire, and other materials.

Bead Stringing Projects ON Bead stringing wire - ALSO KNOWN AS nylon-covered wire or beading cable

Bead-Stringing Wire is a relatively new invention that replaces the traditional silk cord that was used for stringing beads. This wire has a core of from 3 to 49 incredibly thin strands of stainless steel which are then covered with a plastic coating. For this reason, I have always called this type of wire "Nylon-Covered Wire". It is also known as beading cable. It is a strong, thin, flexible wire that is relatively fray-proof. It is typically combined with crimp beads to create strung bead creations. Learning to work with and finish this wire is an essential part of jewelry-making.

Basic Necklace or Bracelet Strung on Beading Wire (a.k.a. Beading Cable or Nylon-Covered Wire), with crimp beads & clasp

Learn to use beading wire to create beautiful necklaces and bracelets with strung beads. Attach clasp using crimp beads and crimping pliers.

Project Number: 3

Basic Multi-Strand Necklace or Bracelet Strung on Beading Wire, using multi-strand clasp or multi-strand findings with single clasp

Learn how to use a multi-strand clasp or multi-strand findings to finish a multi-strand necklace.

Project Number: No number assigned yet.

Multi-Strand Necklace or Bracelet Strung on Beading Wire, using cones or bullet ends

Work with multiple strands of beads and finish off with cones or bullet ends.

Project Number: 42

Multi Level Multi Strand Necklace
Multi-Strand, Multi-Level Necklace Strung on Beading Wire w/single strand clasp

Create a necklace with multiple strands and varied levels of strands.

Project Number: 7

Lariat Necklace on Beading Wire, with loop & tassel

Make a lariat-style necklace with a loop and tassel closure.

Project Number: 24

Beaded Eyeglass Holder on Beading Wire

Hold on to your glasses with a beautiful bead-strung holder.

Project Number: 30

M-Hook Lariat Necklace

Make an M-shape hook to create a lariat-style necklace.

Project Number: 168



Rolled-Up Paper Beads Necklace or Bracelet

Make beads out of rolled-up paper and string them to create a unique necklace.

Project Number: 25

Constellations Necklace

Use intertwined beading wire to create this multi-dimensional necklace.

Project Number: 161

“Firefly” Necklace on Beading Wire

Make short "Fireflies" to give a festive air to this whimsical necklace design.

Project Number: 190

Beading Wire Necklace with single or multiple pendants (less than 10) made from craft wire or head pin looped or wrapped dangles

Make head pin bead dangles and string them along with beads to create this playful design.

Project Number: 6



Beading Wire Necklace with curls

Swirl beading wire to create this unusual design.

Project Number: 8

Beading Wire Necklace with Floating Design using crimp beads

Create the illusion of beads floating freely with this necklace technique.

Project Number: 20

Watch with Beaded Beading Wire Band

Make a wristwatch with multiple strands of beads and your choice of watch faces.

Project Number: 11




Finishing techniques: French wire, Side closure crimp bead covers, Wire guardians

Learn to finish off your beaded products in a beautiful, professional manner.

Project Number: 39

Beading Wire Linked Loops Necklace

Interlock multiple loops of beads to create this cool necklace design.

Project Number: 97

Braided, Multi-Strand Beading Wire Bracelet w/spacers

Choose from a wide selection of seed bead colors to create this braided bracelet.

Project Number: 106

Alternating Double Strand Necklace Woven with rings & frames

An assortment of rings and frame beads create a woven effect in this necklace.

Project Number: 115

Star Flower Cluster Necklace on Beading Wire

Create flowers with bead groupings and teardrop briolettes.

Project Number: 212

Multi-Strand, Multi-Technique Bracelet with Slide-Lock Clasp

Use a variety of techniques to create a varied, interesting look.

Project Number: 213

Asymmetrical, Multi-Strand Beading Wire Necklace w/Donut Center

A stone "donut" is the centerpiece of this unusual, asymetrical necklace, with one strand on one side and two strands on the other. It can also be made with double strands on both sides.

Project Number: 218

Braided Beading Wire Necklace with Long Bead Dangles

Learn a 4-strand braiding technique and how to incorporate beads and use this method to create an exotic necklace with long bead dangles.

Project Number: 227

Beading Wire Teardrop Loop Earrings

Use beading wire to create single or multi-loop, teardrop-shaped earrings.

Project Number: 233

Multi-Strand, Mixed Technique Necklace on Multi-Strand Findings

Combine a variety of techniques to create this varied necklace.

Project Number: 238

Beading Wire Ring with Beads

Use beading wire to create this simple but attractive ring.

Project Number: 248

Sample triangle findings
3-to-1 Triangle Findings Necklace, Multi-Strand or Pendant Style

Use triangle findings to create a 3-strand necklace or pendant.

Project Number: 254