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Chain Projects

Who doesn't love jewelry made with chain? There are so many standard as well as unusual varieties of chain to choose from, in all types and colors of metal. Put them together with beads, charms and other components and you have a huge range of possibilities. Learn to combine chain with other jewelry-making parts to create your own, original versions of many age-old or totally modern styles.

Bead Caps, Chain, Metal Rings, Beads, Necklace
Necklace or Bracelet with chain sections & wire-wrapping or loops - short or long lengths

A very popular style. Combine sections of chain with any kind of beads to make a short or long version of this necklace.

Project Number: 22

Chain & Bead Earrings – 2 types: 1) w/donuts held by chain 2) Chain above and below wide bead

Combine chain and donuts or beads to make these two types of dangling earrings.

Project Number: 23

Cleopatra necklace with chain & beads: Tiered necklace, Head pins w/beads through loops of chain

Many rows of beaded headpins create this necklace that Cleopatra would have been proud to wear.

Project Number: 43

Charm Bracelet with bead dangles on heavy chain

Use beads instead of charms to create this stylish "charm" bracelet.

Project Number: 57

Extra-long Chain Necklace Interspersed with Flat Mother-of-Pearl Shapes & Frame Beads Containing MOP Shapes

Similar to the style above, this version of the chain and beads necklace incorporates a variety of mother of pearl beads and frames to make a colorful, bold statement.

Project Number: 72

Single-Strand Chain Lariat w/bottom bead cluster

Hang beads from the end of your chain to create this lariat-style necklace.

Project Number: 74

"Snake" Chain Illusion Necklace

Learn to make a floating design necklace on beading chain.

Project Number: 87

Chain Necklace with bead dangles on head pins or wire, single strand

Hang beads from your chain to create this multi-dangled effect.

Project Number: 108

Triple Strand Chain & Bead Bracelet with Slide-lock Clasp

Beads and chain create this 3-strand bracelet on a sliding clasp.

Project Number: 134

Multi-Strand Chain Bracelet

Chains galore! This bracelet is all chain and lots of it. Slinky and sophisticated.

Project Number: 142

Chain & Bead Bib Necklace

Hang many rows of beads from your chain to create this bib-style necklace.

Project Number: 143

Multi-Chain Earrings, with or without beads

With or without beads decorating the bottom of these earrings, they'll dangle beautifully and freely.

Project Number: 144

Chain Necklace with Sewn Beads & Ribbon

Sew ribbon and beads around a chain to make this lush necklace.

Project Number: 152

Multi-Strand Chain Lariat with beads

Combine 3 types of chain and your wire-working skills to make this attractive necklace.

Project Number: 155

Netted Chain Necklace with beads

Use beads and chain to make this interesting necklace.

Project Number: 156

Multi Strand, Twisted Bead & Chain Necklace

Hang multiple strands of beads from a chain to make this bold necklace. It can also be made using smaller beads for a more delicate look.

Project Number: 157

Bead-Wrapped, Half-Hoop Chain Earrings, single or double.

Learn to make handmade half-hoop components. Learn to wrap beads around a component. Learn to hang components from chain to make earrings. You will be able to make single or double hoop earrings. You will also learn to hang briolettes or dangles from the center of the earrings (not shown in photo).

Project Number: 166

hoop earrings half hoop earrings half hoop earring

Multi-Level Chain Necklace with Beads
Multi-Level Chain Necklace with dangles

Dangles galore create this multi-level necklace.

Project Number: 175

Chain Fringe Necklace with beads

Combine 2 separate pieces to make this dangly style - a beaded strand and a strand with many rows of chain fringe.

Project Number: 183

Graphed Seed Bead Pattern Earrings with Chain

Design a pattern with seed beads and adorn them with chain to create these intricate, colorful earrings.

Project Number: 186

Double Chain & Bead “Railroad Track” Bracelet

Rows of beads lined up create this "Railroad Track" of beads.

Project Number: 187

Chain & Cube Bead Earrings
Chain & Square Bead Earrings

Use cube beads, chain and wire to create these fanciful, decorative earrings.

Project Number: 211

Bead Cap Dangle Charm Bracelet and Earrings

A wide variety of charms and bead dangles with bead caps combine to form this creative bracelet.

Project Number: 226

Chain and Rings Necklace

Loops of chain holds these rings together.

Project Number: 247

"Industrial" Leather & Chain Bracelet

Leather cord and chain combine to create this rugged bracelet.

Project Number: 192

Leather & Chain Necklace with Bead Dangles

More bead dangles!

Project Number: 258

Chunky, Multi-Chain & Bead Bracelet

Multiple strands of heavy chain and large beads make this chunky version of the beaded chain bracelet. Learn to make a multi-strand bracelet and incorporate beads into strands of chain.

Project Number: 269





Chain & Bead Fringe Tribal Necklace

Create a tribal look with many strands of chain and beads dangling from a base chain.

Project Number: 272





Netted Bead and Chain Necklace

Put together beads, chain and jump rings to make this intricate necklace.

Project Number: 276

Chain and Bead Necklace with Large-Loop Wire Wrapping

Learn large-loop wire wrapping for a different effect and combine this wire technique with beautiful beads and chain..

Project Number: 284