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Ribbon Projects

Ribbon Projects

Ribbons create a special kind of adornment for jewelry. Learn to use ribbon to string beads, finish off necklaces or bracelets, intertwine it, sew it, shake it or bake it! (just kidding on the last two) It can add a soft, pleasing look to many designs and can be incorporated in many ways.

Bead Embroidery Bib Necklace

Learn to sew beads on fabric, use a pattern and complete this trendy bib necklace with a ribbon closure.

Project Number: 147



Closures for Ribbon

There are many different ways to end off ribbon-based necklaces. Learn them all in this class and apply your favorite to your ribbon necklace.

Project number: 116



Stringing & Hanging Techniques on Ribbon

How can ribbon be used as a stringing material to create necklaces and bracelets? Learn how to string beads onto ribbon and what materials work together to create ribbon-based jewelry.

Project number: 117




Ribbon w/Rings or Metal Washers (Anni Albers Necklace)

Thread ribbon through rings or washers to create this beautifully-draping necklace.

Project number: 120



Ribbon Sewn Around Beads

Alternate ribbon folds and beads to create this fascinating design.

Project number: 121





Multi-Strand Ribbon with Assorted Materials

Incorporate ribbon with other materials to create a lacy, textured necklace.

Project number: 124





Finish Off Any Necklace w/Ribbon Closure

Ribbons can add a decorative elegance to many different jewelry-making styles. Learn to complete your necklace project with a ribbon closure.

Project number: 136