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Wirework Projects

Wirework techniques use bendable wire that comes in many different thicknesses, known as "gauges". The possibilities are fascinating and endless, from a basic looped component to a fantastic creation of woven wire. The term "craft wire" refers to any kind of wire that can be bent into shape and retain it's shape. This could be copper, sterling silver, gold or the many variations of copper-based wire.

Earrings! Single- & Multi-Level

Learn basic Wire-Looping and use this useful technique to create a wide range of earring styles using head pins & craft wire. You will leave the class with at least 2 pairs of finished earrings.

Project numbers: 18 & 19

Wire-Looped Necklace Craft Wire

Learn Wire-Looping to Make Necklaces or Bracelets

Learn basic Wire-Looping or expand your wire-looping skills to learn to make beaded, looped components. Learn to attach a clasp and put your components together to create necklaces and bracelets. You will leave the class with a completed necklace or bracelet.

Project number: 15

Wrapped Wire Loops Bracelet with beads
Learn Wire-Wrapping to Make Necklaces or Bracelets

Learn basic wire-wrapping to make components that can be put together to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Project number: 14

Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
U-shaped & S-shaped Components

Learn to make components from these 2 versatile shapes, and use them to create earring styles and chains for bracelets & necklaces. You will also learn how to turn these shapes into hand-made clasps.

Project number: 47

S-shaped chain

Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
"Eyeglass" shapes & Figure-8 components

Learn to make simple "eyeglass" and figure-8 shapes from craft wire. Put these components together to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Project number: 90

Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
Multiple-Loop Components, 3-Leaf Clover, 4-Leaf Clover,
& 6, 9 & more loops

A little more difficult to master, multiple-loop components can be used for hand-made chains, chandelier findings, connectors, dangles and more. Learn the basic technique for multiple-loop components and then expand on it to add more & more loops & more versatility!

Project number: 90

multiple loops necklace multiple loops
Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
U- or S-Shaped Components with Spirals

Expand on your knowledge of the basic U- and S-Shaped components by adding decorative spirals.

Project number: no number assigned yet




Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
Elongated S-Shaped Components w/Beads

Another way to add a more decorative look to the basic S-shaped component - combine wire with beads!

Project number: no number assigned yet

Coil Wrapped Beads Bracelet
ORBIT Bracelet of Wire Coils Wrapped Around Large Beads

Adorn large beads with spiraled coils and create a cool bracelet with plain and coil-wrapped beads.

Project number: 44




Caged Stones & Other Objects without Holes, Random Wiring Technique

Learn to use wire to wrap stones and other un-drilled objects to transform them into beautiful pendants.

Project number: 45

Heavy Bent Wire Bracelet, with or without Beads

Learn to shape heavy-gauge wire into bracelets with or without beads.

Project number: 53

Large Loop Bracelet


Large-Loop Wire-Wrapped Button & Bead Bracelet

Take your wire-wrapping skills to the next level by creating large-loop wraps and combining beads with buttons.

Project number: 173

Hand-Made Clasps from Wire:
S-clasp, Hook-clasp, Figure-8, 2-Piece Hook Clasp, Toggle Clasp

Make your own clasps from wire!

Project number: 49




Hand-made, Decorative Head Pins (Asst. Shapes)

Make your own head pins in a wide range of designs: spiral, heart-shaped, triangle, paddle, and more.

Project number: 48

Filigree Bracelet
Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
Filigree Shape, Style #1

Learn to make filigree-style components out of craft wire and put them together to form a chain for a bracelet or necklace.

Project number: 78

Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
Filigree Shape, Style #2

Make a filigree-style component out of craft wire and put them together to form a chain for a bracelet or necklace.

Project number: 78

Hand-Made Chain from Wire:
Teardrop/Spiral Shape

Combine beads and a new wire shaped component to make a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Project number: 132

teardrop spiral earrings

Chandelier Earrings
Chandelier Earrings Made with Wire-Wrapped, Top-Drilled Beads (Briolettes or Tear drops), on Pre-Made Chandelier Findings

Learn various ways of hanging and wrapping top-drilled beads and then use them, along with small beads and pre-fabricated chandelier findings, to make multi-level chandelier earrings.

Project number: 54

Wire Spirals, Spiral-Caged Beads, Spiral Dangles & Spiral Chain Components - Necklace, Bracelet or Earrings

Learn to make basic wire spirals & spiral-caged beads, and then learn to use them as dangles, connectors or chain components.

Project number: 50

Frame Bead Pendant Beaded Necklace & Earrings

Use basic looping skills to make a frame bead pendant to hang on a beaded necklace & create matching earrings.

Project number: 38

Necklace of Beads Strung on Beading Wire, with Multiple Bead Dangles

Learn basic looping skills to make piles of bead dangles and hang them all on this colorful, abundant necklace.

Project number: 95

Necklace or Bracelet Made with Draped, Wire-Wrapped Beads

Take wire-wrapping to another level with these draped-wire beads.

Project number: 104

Bead-Wrapped, Hand-Made, Full-Hoop Earrings with Optional Center-Hanging Briolette or Head Pin Dangle

Learn lots of wire skills in this earring class: Make your own earring hoops, then learn to wrap the hoops with tiny beads, make them into earrings and decorate with an optional center dangle. As a bonus, you'll also learn to wrap & hang top-drilled beads.

Project number: 66

full hoop earrings

Alexander Calder-Inspired Wire Pendants

Modeled after wire jewelry made by the famous sculptor Alexander Calder, this is a very innovative way to encase drilled or un-drilled treasures in a wire wrapping.

Project number: 112

calder pendant




Hammered Wire Earrings

Return to Beatnik days with these Greenwich Village-inspired hammered & beaded wire dangles.

Project number: 84

Bent, Coiled U-Shaped Chain Bracelet

Another style of handmade chain component, these coiled & bent shapes combine to make a lovely bracelet.

Project number: 85

Thin wire ring


Thin Wire Ring

This many-layered wrapped ring highlights a central focal bead.

Project number: 131

Wire ring
Stacked & Wrapped Wire Ring with Buttons

This playful ring combines buttons & wire. Make it with brightly colored buttons or, for a more serious look, use a stack of metal buttons.

Project number: 131

adjustable wire ring
Basic Adjustable Wire Ring, with or without Beads

The most versatile wire ring style, you can adapt this technique to many different looks, both simple and decorative.

Project number: 131

3-stone crossover wire ring
3-Stone Crossover Ring

This simple wire & bead ring can be adapted to an infinite variety of looks, depending on the beads you choose.

Project number: 131

Hand-Made Earring Wires

Make your own earring wires. Never be caught without earring wires again!

Project number: 145

Cascading Vines Earrings and Bracelets
Cascading Vine Earrings, Necklace or Bracelet

Simple but elegant - you can use a wide range of beads to get great looks with this simple technique.

Project number: 154

Spider Web Woven Wire, Captured Stone Pendant

Learn a fascinating form of weaving with wire and use it to encase a drilled or un-drilled stone of your choice.

Project number: 193

spider web woven pendant

Wire Braiding or Weaving/Woven Wire Bracelet

Another intricate but not-as-difficult-as-it looks form or braiding or weaving with wire. Many different looks are possible with this technique, depending on strand count.

Project number: 171

Decorative-Wire-Shaped Earrings or Pendants

The sky's the limit with the shapes you can create using simple wire bending.

Project number: 52

Make a Component Shape with Wire & Fill it in with Small Beads (Pendant)

Learn to make a square or other wire shape and then fill it with beads to create a beautiful pendant.

Project number: 128

Carmen Miranda Ring
"Carmen Miranda" Beaded Wire Ring

Chiquita Banana would love this ring. Make it as overflowing with luscious beads as you want.

Project number: 127

Waterfall Earrings

Hang a briolette beneath a cascade of bicone beads.

Project number: 170

Grape Cluster Earrings

These "grapes" look good enough to eat. Usee bead dangles to create this luscious look.

Project number: 114

Large-Loop Wire-Wrapped Necklace or Bracelet with Chain

Learn large-loop wire-wrapping & combine it with chain & beads.

Project number: 284





Bead-Wrapped Wire Shape Earrings, Single Component or Joined, Multiple Components

Make an assortment of wire shapes, lash them together with thin wire, & adorn with beads.

Project number: 178

Flower Brooch Using French Beading, Loop Technique

Learn French beading to make a flower pin.

Project number: 179

Adjustable Woven Wire Ring

Adjustable, Beaded, Woven-Wire Ring

Learn wooden ring clamp weaving and use it to make an adjustable, beaded wire ring.

Project number: 181

Twisted Wire Branch Jewelry

Twist together thin wire to make beaded branches and then form them into a bracelet, pendant or hair accessory.

Project number: 182

Knotless Netting with Thin Wire

Learn the traditional art of knotless netting and use it to form a delicate basket for a stone or other object, then hang from a chain to create a necklace.

Project number: 119

Flower Wrap

Wind wire around round beads to create flower components that can be used for earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.

Project number: 93

Chandelier & Dangle Earrings made with Hand-Made Cloverleaf Components PLUS Wrapping & Hanging Top-Drilled Beads

Learn to make cloverleaf components and then use them to make chandelier earrings. This class will also cover various ways to wrap & hang top-drilled beads.

Project number: 113

cloverleaf earrings

Stacked Wire Cuff Bracelet

Make a wire armament and lash it together with beads.

Project number: 153

Loop-de-Loop Necklace

Make wire hoop shapes, decorate with wrapped beads and combine to make this exotic necklace.

Project number: 163

Zig Zag Wire Component Necklace

Learn to make zig-zag components and string them together to make neckkaces, bracelets or earrings.

Project number: 180





Wooden Ring Clamp Woven Wire Earrings

Learn wooden ring clamp weaving and use it to make stepped earrings.

Project number:188





Paisley/Eyeglasses Earrings

Make these distinctive wire shapes and lash them together with beads to create these decorative earrings.

Project number: 195

Twisted Wire Jump Ring & Optional Rubber O-Rings Chain

Learn to twist wire together, make jump rings and combine with optional rubber o-rings to make this chain necklace.

Project number: 197

Spider Web Woven Wire Pendant or Basket

Learn spider web wire weaving and use it to make a cool pendant, or go crazy and continue to complete a beautiful wire basket.

Project number: 203

woven wire basket

Hoop Earrings with Pre-Made Hoop Findings, with Beads Strung on the Hoops or with Bead Dangles

Learn to decorate pre-made earring hoops by hanging dangles on the hoops or stringing beads right on the hoop wires.

Project number: 204

hoop earrings

Hand-made, Teardrop-Shaped Hoop Earrings, with Bead Dangles Hanging from Hoops & Beads Strung on Hoops, with or without Center Briolette or Dangle

Learn to make teardrop-shaped hoops and decorate them with various beading methods.

Project number: 205

Tree of Life Pendant

Learn to twist wire together and use it to shape this lovely tree pendant decorated with chip beads.

Project number: 220

Viking Knit Bangle
Basic Beaded Bangle Bracelet with Hand-Hammered Clasp

Learn to make a basic bangle bracelet with heavy wire and a hand-hammered clasp.

Project number: 225

Viking Knit Bangle
Viking Knit Beaded Bangle Bracelet w/Hand-Hammered Clasp

Learn the ancient Viking Knit technique and use it to adorn this beaded bangle bracelet.

Project number: 219

Viking Knit Necklace with Beads and Chain

Learn the ancient Viking Knit technique and use it to create this beautiful necklace. You will also learn to finish Viking knit with cones.

Project number: 224

Viking Knit with Coiled Wire Cones
Viking Knit Bracelet with Coiled Wire Cone End Caps

Learn the ancient Viking Knit technique and use it to create this beautiful bracelet. You will also learn to make coiled wire end caps.

Project number: 228

Spiral Ring

Learn to make coils with the wire coiling tool, and then coil the coil to make this cool ring. It can be all one color or mixed colors.

Project number: 231

Coiled Coils Bracelet
Coiled Coils Bracelet

Learn to make coils with the wire coiling tool, and then coil the coisl to make these cool beads that you will string together to make a bracelet. It can be all one color or mixed colors.

Project number(s): 232

Bead Dangle Bookmarks

Use beaded dangles to make a decorative bookmark.

Project number: 241

Wired Mandala Earrings

Make a mandala with wire and beads and use it as a component to craete a pair of earrings. You could also make several and string them together to make a necklace or a bracelet.

Project number: 243

Beads-Around-A-Bead Earrings, Necklace or Bracelet

Encircle a large bead with tiny beads and use it as a component to make earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.

Project number: 249

Herringbone Earrings
Herringbone Wire Wrap Earrings, Necklace or Bracelet

Learn herringbone wrap and use it to decorate a large bead. Then use the herringbone components to create a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet.

Project number: 250

Greek Key Motif Necklace or Bracelet

Learn to make an assortment of wire components based on the Greek Key motif design, and put them together to make a necklace or bracelet.

Project number(s): 252

Hand-made Wire Chain with Bulky-Wrapped Components

Learn to make rolled wire components and put them together to make necklaces or bracelets.

Project number: 255

Hand-Made Wire Chain with Hammered Bar Components

Learm to make hammered bar components with craft wire and put them together to form a bracelet or necklace.

Project number: 256

Hammered 14-Gauge Wire Components & Chain Earrings

Learn to hammer heavy gauge wire into components that will be used to hang wire and beads to make earrings.

Project number: 259

hammered wire and chain earrings

Viking Knit Caged Stone Pendant

Use the ancient art of Viking Knit to create a beautiful "cage" for the stone of your choice.

Project number:261


Orbit Ring

Make this cool, space-age ring from wire and a bead of your choice.

Project number:236






Bird’s Nest Earrings

Learn to make bird's nest components and use them to create a cute pair of earrings.

Project number(s): 270





Johnni’s Cross

Create this decorative cross with wire and beads.

Project number(s): 275

Wrapped Square & Twisted Wire Bracelet

Beautiful bracelet! Combine assorted colors and textures of wire and wrap them to create this. Learn to make a hand-crafted hook clasp.

Project number: 281





Square & Half-Round Wire-wrapped pendant

Beautiful pendant! Wrap the stone of your choice with square and half-round wire to create this adornment for your favorite cord or braid.

Project number: 282

 Birch Leaf Earrings

Birch Leaf Earrings

Make a frame and weave wire around it for these leaves. Beads can be added for further adornment.

Project number: 271





Wire Bird’s Nest Bracelet

Learn to make a wire and bead bird's nest component and join a few together to create this lovely bracelet.

Project number: 283